Friday Favorites


Hello beautiful world! So…it snowed this week. WTF? We are nearly a month into Spring and I’m still waking up to my car being frozen shut. Why???? I’m going to ignore what the thermometer was telling me this week and show you what I’ve been loving as I embrace Spring even though it’s not embracing me.

  • Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipstick in Electric Orange. This color is simply amazing. It’s so orange! I love it and it makes my eyes really pop.
  • Packages. I got so many deliveries this week. My Ipsy bag and Birchbox both arrived this week. Also my JulieG Cruise Collection nail polishes finally arrived. Groupon takes forever to ship. It’s seriously annoying, but I’m so happy I have the amazing polishes now.
  • Julep Nail Color in Caitlin. While I can’t recommend this polish since it wears down so quickly, I do really love the color. It was perfect for a sunny weekend at the beach.
    julep caitlin
  • Sorme Jet Liner in Sapphire. I’m still loving using this. It’s such a fun subtle pop on the eyes.
    sorme jet liner
  • It’s been a casual week at work. We were all allowed to wear more relaxed attire in the office. I’ve loved coming to work in jeans. They’re so comfortable and I find it much easier to get ready quick in the morning when I can just throw on jeans.
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Black Velvet. This pencil came in my Ipsy bag which arrived this week. I slopped it on and smudged it out for a quick liner look the other morning and I just loved it. It’s perfect for that kind of look since it stays creamy for a couple of minutes before it sets. I’ll definitely be doing this look on the regular.
  • Benefit Lollitint. The Lollitint also came in my Ipsy bag and it took me a few tries to figure it out. I’ll go into that more when I review it next week, but now that I know how I like to use it I’m enjoying the lilacy-pink color on my cheeks.
  • Colo Club nail lacquer in Breakfast At… This color is so pretty and performed like a dream. Swoon.
    breakfast at
  •  Eggs. Random, but I ate a lot of eggs this week. Not sure why. It just happened that way.

Wantable Box Product Review: Face Stockholm Lip Liner in Rochelle

face stockholm lip liner
If I am being completely honest, I’m really just not much of a lip liner girl for no other reason than I am too lazy to take the extra step when I’m putting my face on in the morning. Because of that I wasn’t the most excited when I saw this product in my Wantable box, but I decided to give it a fair review. This is a lovely color...
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My April 2014 Ipsy Bag

Be sure to check out my Luvocracy page for this month’s Ipsy product wins. Be sure to check back on the blog over the course of the next week for individual reviews on each of the products I’ve recieved.

Wantable Box Product Review: Sorme Jet Liner in Sapphire

sorme jet liner
  The Sorme Jet Liner in Sapphire is definitely the product that convinced me to keep my Wantable box this month instead of returning it. I have been dying to try a blue liquid liner and this sweet little guy filled that hole in my life. This liner is royal blue. It’s dark enough for be fine for the office, but this adds a little something special to your look....
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Wantable Box Product Review: ‘Tini Beauty Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow + Base in Dirty Martini

dirty martini
Today’s Wantable box product review is for the ‘Tini Beauty Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow + Base in Dirty Martini. Can we talk about how this color looks like baby diarrhea, or a wart covered toad, or rancid hot garbage? Disgusting color aside the product itself does not function well. I tested it out as a shadow and that didn’t go so well. The color does not blend out well nor...
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My Favorite 10 Products Under $10

My Favorite 10 Products Under $10
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Wantable Box Product Review: Face Stockholm Nail Polish in Want-A-Blue

Today’s review is for the Face Stockholm Nail Polish in the color Want-A-Blue which I received in my Wantable box this month. This is an exclusive Wantable box shade, which they describe as gray-blue. In some lights it is gray-blue, but to my eyes it looks more gray-lilac. The formula dries quickly and goes opaque in just two coats. I was actually surprised by this since it’s such a light...
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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday yall! Every day closer to warm weather is a good day by me. I think Spring must have got lost because it honestly feels more like fall lately. Regardless there is still plenty to be happy about because we are alive and breathing and we have the internet! So, here are my all of my favorites things from the week: Delicious roasted veggies with cheese. That was an...
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Wantable Box Product Review: Laqa & Co. Fat Lip Pencil in Wolfman

Laqa & Co. Wolfman
Hey yall hey! We need to talk. I received this Laqa & Co. Fat Lip Pencil in the color Wolfman in my April 2014 Wantable box. …it’s awful… I was actually rather excited to try this out. I’ve heard about Laqa & Co. on YouTube and the color looked so pretty in the tube. Also, Wolfman is kind of an awesome name. I swatched the pencil on my hand and though the color wasn’t richly...
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My April 2014 Wantable Box

april 2014 wantable box
You can check out all the products I liked from this month’s Wantable Box here. Check back on the blog over the next few days for individual reviews of each product. Tomorrow’s review will be for the Laqa & Co. Fat Lip Pencil.