Easy Money Saving Tips

If you keep up with the blog or my YouTube channel you know that Austin and I are engaged and planning a wedding. While its completely unnecessary to have a big fancy wedding, I’m a total princess and I want one so that’s what we’re doing. Even though we’re making cuts to traditional aspects of a wedding that aren’t important to us like a cake, guest book, and favors – we’re still going to be spending a lot of money. With so much money being put out I’ve been looking for ways in my day-to-day to cut costs and keep as much money as I can in my own hands. Here are a few tips and techniques I’ve been using to keep a few extra dollar in my pocket  Continue reading →

Super Versatile Granola Recipe

granola recipe

Today I want to share my absolute favorite granola recipe with you guys. This recipe is great because it’s so versatile. You can add your favorite nuts, fruit, and nearly anything you have sitting around the pantry. This is a fool-proof combination that you’ll surely be making over and over again. I combine my granola with sliced banana and soy milk to create a healthy vegan breakfast cereal. You could also use it to top ice cream or waffles for a bit of added crunch.  Continue reading →



After taking a few weeks to really consider what it was I wanted to get out of the year I’ve decided my word of the year is Focus. Continue reading →

18 for 2018

Recently I’ve shied away from listening to the radio during my alone time in the car. I suppose hearing the same 20 songs over and over again was getting a little old. Instead I’ve been trying to make better use of that time by catching up with family and friends on the phone (hands free of course) or listening to something a bit more substantive like podcast. Continue reading →

17 Highlights from 2017

I think it’s always helpful to take a look back at the year you’ve had before entering a new one. It can be easy to decide the world is a terrible, scary place if you never take time to reflect on all your wonderful experiences. With 2017 coming to an end I felt it apt to compile 17 of my favorite moments from the past year. 

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