Birchbox Product Review: Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle

protect and detangle

So the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle claims to do a lot of stuff:

  • instant detangler
  • thermal protector
  • UV protection
  • seals cuticle
  • smoothes hair
  • locks in color
  • adds shine
  • weightless
  • non-greasy
  • conditions
  • for all hair types
  • use daily

All of that was enough to make me immediately roll my eyes upon reading it. Products with huge claims are often letdowns because it’s a rare occasion that they actually optimally perform all the functions they are said to do. The Beauty Protector’s huge list of product claims seems a little ridiculous to me. Take giant lists like that with a grain of salt.

With that said, the packaging is really cute. The bright red bottle with boroux details is definitely easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, my bottle arrived faulty. The pump does not work. I pumped it for about 3 minutes and nothing happened. From reading the reviews on Birchbox, I’ve found I’m not the only one that had this issue.

To use the product I took off the top and poured a bit of the product in my hands. I rubbed it between my hands and then distributed it through my hair by gently combing through with my fingers. The directions said to comb or brush through the hair to make sure it evenly distributes, but you simpley cannot do this with curly or wavy hair so using my hands was the best choice.

The product does have a sweet smell. It’s doesn’t bother me but that could irritate some people.

As my hair dried I noticed a whole whopping lot of nothing. This product didn’t give my hair moisture or leave it soft. I made my curls poofy and frizzy. I didn’t use a styling product so that I could see how this product really worked so the poofiness isn’t very surprising, but the frizz is unacceptable. My It’s A 10 does not leave my hair frizzy at all so I’m just going to stick with that. I’m going to finish off the Protect & Detangle bottle to see if extended use makes a difference, but I’m 100% sure I would not repurchase this. $21.95 is a lot of money for a product that doesn’t deliver.

It’s worth noting that I have thick, curly/wavy, dry hair. I cannot say how this will work for thinner, straight, greasy hair.

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april 2014 birchbox
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julep caitlin
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