No Need to Check Me Off Your List

My 5 year college reunion was about a month ago. A few different mailings were sent out (to my mom’s house since I don’t feel the need to give the school my actual home address) – a save-the-date magnet and a pamphlet with event pricing.

Donut Alliance Donuts

Last weekend Land of Kush hosted a pop-up shop for Donut Alliance. Donut Alliance is a Baltimore-based vegan donut catering company that has pop-up events at vegan events and restaurants around the city.

Care for Some Cherries?

Can I be honest? I absolutely loved the idea of owning a house with a huge, wonderful garden. Eating fruits and veggies grown and plucked out of my own back yard is a vegan dream come true. Tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, and squash for free! Amazing! 

Remembering What You Love

May was a pretty tumultuous month. There were two deaths in Austin’s family, two close friends had family deaths, and another close friend was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident. If nothing else, I leave May with an accute reminder of my mortality. Quite literally […]

The Magic of Not Wearing Makeup

You can find this freakin’ sweet shirt HERE. Hey yall hey! Long time no talk. I have another post planned to talk about where I’ve been and why I’m back in the game now but today I wanted to talk about the restorative power of […]

The More I Use, The Less I Move

I’ve been fairly silent on the topic of house hunting ever since our first contract fell through, but I can say now with a fair amount of certainty that we are officially moving in just over two weeks! Excited doesn’t even come close to explaining […]

Walking Away

When I first started drafting this post the closing date was going to be pushed back a month for repairs to the septic system. After the home owner saw the cost involved with the repairs he backed out. I’ll explain in more detail below, but […]

My Vision for Our New Home

When Austin and I moved into together in our apartment we had about a month to get our shit together before moving. It was a lot of running around but we were very fortunate to receive a lot of help, both financially and otherwise, from […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Good evening lovely internet. It’s been so long since I actually wrote a blog post I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore!

Checking In With My 2015 Goals

I set several goals for myself in the year of 2015. Some have been going great and others haven’t been going at all.

Proactiv Solution Review

Proactiv Solution may be the biggest name in skin care in the USA. You see their commercials on every channel,  ads in every magazine and yet somehow I’ve never tried it. I’m not sure why I had never looked in to it before but I […]

Soufeel Charm Bracelets

Hey yall hey! Happy Saturday! Today I have a jewelry post for yall. The company Soufeel reached out to me and offered to give me $100 worth of charm bracelet products from their website for review. I’m generally not a bracelet kind of person, especially […]