17 Highlights from 2017

I think it’s always helpful to take a look back at the year you’ve had before entering a new one. It can be easy to decide the world is a terrible, scary place if you never take time to reflect on all your wonderful experiences. With 2017 coming to an end I felt it apt to compile 17 of my favorite moments from the past year. 

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Get to Know Me: 50 Random Facts

Get to Know Me: 50 Random Facts

Although I try to make an effort to be open about my life both here and on YouTube, I always feel like knowing various little quirks about someone adds a level of intimacy to a relationship. In an effort to make you lovely readers and myself closer I decided to share 50 tidbits about myself. Continue reading →

No Need to Check Me Off Your List

My 5 year college reunion was about a month ago. A few different mailings were sent out (to my mom’s house since I don’t feel the need to give the school my actual home address) – a save-the-date magnet and a pamphlet with event pricing. Continue reading →

Remembering What You Love

Remembering What You Love

May was a pretty tumultuous month. There were two deaths in Austin’s family, two close friends had family deaths, and another close friend was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident. If nothing else, I leave May with an accute reminder of my mortality. Quite literally one day you are here and the next day you are gone, and there’s no way of really knowing when that day is. Continue reading →

The Magic of Not Wearing Makeup

Got Almond Milk Selfie

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Hey yall hey! Long time no talk. I have another post planned to talk about where I’ve been and why I’m back in the game now but today I wanted to talk about the restorative power of not wearing makeup. I know we are in the midst of a makeup empowerment movement, if it can be called that. And I am all for people doing what they damn well please with their face and body. Cake it on baby! But for me, I needed a break. Continue reading →