My Vision for Our New Home

When Austin and I moved into together in our apartment we had about a month to get our shit together before moving. It was a lot of running around but we were very fortunate to receive a lot of help, both financially and otherwise, from our families. Our apartment wasn’t my idea of perfect as far decor goes but I was happy with what we were able to throw together. I wanted to enjoy the apartment and feel at home there but I also didn’t want to invest a great deal in to everything when I knew at some point we would be moving everything into a more permanent home. Continue reading →

Decorating Mini Pumpkins

painting pumpkins

Hey yall hey! Today I wanted to share with you how I decorated a few of my cute little baby mini-pumpkins. As I mentioned in my Halloween decorating video I’ve tried to decorate very affordable this year so I stuck with one means of sprucing up the pumpkins. I also wanted to make sure they pumpkins could work for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Continue reading →

Trick or Treat Candles

trick or treat candles

If you’ve never smell the Bath & Body Works Trick or Treat candle I suggest you stop reading this, hop in your car and head immediately to the mall. This candle smells absolutely amazing. The description is as follows: “A scary good blend of freshly toasted marshmallow, smoldering woods and vanilla bean.” To me it smells like when you are roasting a marshmallow and you let it catch on fire – just a crispy delicious marshmallow smell. So good! Continue reading →

Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

Hey yall! I made stuffed peppers a few nights ago with left over rice and I thought a salsa would be the perfect side. I followed a recipe for tomatillo salsa a few months ago and it was a hit, but I couldn’t find the recipe anywhere. I can’t remember where I found it or what it specifically called for so I decided to just go for it and wing it. How hard could it be right?

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