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What I Loved In July

  Hello and Happy beginning of August. I am running a little bit behind with my July update for no other reason than I didn’t sit down and do it. July really felt like it blew past so quickly and I’m in complete denial of August being here. One of my favorite parts of July …


What I’m Loving In June

Hello and happy Pride Month! I hope y’all had a brilliant start to Summer, except of course for the rolling back of women’s rights, but I won’t bring down the mood of the post. I think it’s clear where I stand. That said this month didn’t start great for me either. Austin and I caught …


My Favorite Places To Eat In OCMD

  Hey y’all hey! Today I wanted to share with y’all a few of the places that we eat at most frequently in Ocean City, Maryland that are vegan friendly and delicious! Just like any good meal, lets start with dessert first! Island Creamery is technically in Berlin, MD but its only a 10 minute …


What I’m Loving In May

Hello and happy May. I think, fingers crossed, we might finally be fully done with the cold here in Baltimore. I’ve bought some new sun dresses and I’m so beyond ready to sip a cocktail at an outdoor table at a local bar. I’ve dyed my hair pink so I’m feeling extra gorgeous and I …


What I’m Loving In April

Hello and happy April! We are finally in a season of good weather and I’m loving having the windows open (Fran loves it too). It’s been so nice sipping my coffee out on the deck in the mornings while soaking in the sunshine. Here’s a few of the things I’ve been loving this Spring. I’ve …


What I’m Loving In March

Hello and Happy March! I am so glad it’s finally Spring! The weather has been warm and sunny the past few days and I feel like a whole new energized human. I didn’t really have much to report on February so I skipped it. This month I have some fun stuff to share. We signed …


What I’m Loving In January

Hello and Happy January. I wanted to share with y’all a few of the things I’ve been loving so far this year. I loved the Yoga with Adriene 30 day yoga journey that I did to kick off 2021 so I thought I would do her new challenge this year. I’ve managed to keep on …


Best Amazon Buys of 2021

As much as I hate supporting “the man”, I am absolutely an Amazon-aholic. Being a Prime member has especially come in handy during the pandemic since we’ve not been shopping in store as much. With the COVID numbers spiking all over the world and since I’m sure tons of you got gift cards for Christmas …


My Work From Home Tips

We’re just a few days away from my 1 year work from home anniversary. On March 13, 2020 my department was asked to work from home in order for IT to test how our systems would handle so many people working from home simultaneously. That was a Friday and over the weekend we were sent …