My 2019 Planner

Today’s lets talk about something I used to post about non-stop: Planners! While I still love and appreciate a good paper planner, I don’t go quite as hard on the stickers anymore. Having a perfectly balanced spread became very overwhelming and didn’t feel fun anymore so I went back to basics. I still use stickers in my monthly spread, but my weekly view is about pure utility.  Continue reading →

Books I Read in 2018

One of my 18 for 2018 goals is to read at least one book a month over the course of the year. I’m less strictly tied to the idea of one book finished each month, rather the focus of the goal is to get through at least 12 books. I decided a great way to hold myself accountable to this goal is to keep an ongoing blog post draft of brief reviews for each book so at the end of the year I not only have my proof of ready, I also have several book reviews to share with you all.  Continue reading →

My First Time Christmas Shopping with a Budget

Christmas Budgetting

Ok. So what I’m about to say might sound absolutely insane to some people, but before this year I had never made a budget for Christmas shopping. Ever. Now, having spent the past year tracking every single purchase I’ve made it even sounds a little nuts to me too. I’m not sure how I managed to get gifts for everyone on my list and not go bankrupt in years past. Continue reading →

A Look Back on My 18 for 2018

At the very beginning of the year I took the challenge from the Happier podcast to think up 18 things I wanted to accomplish in 2018. I thought it might be fun to look back on my list and see what I’ve accomplished this year and what was a total fail. Spoiler alert – there will be quite a few fails, specially in regard to my goals for the home since for the majority of the year we actually had our house listed for sale. If you’re interested in hearing more about that entire fiasco you can watch my Life Updates video. 

Continue reading →

Wedding Dress Shopping Advice

Wedding dress shopping can be an incredibly daunting task. Before I got started I actually had a feeling of dread whenever I thought about it. For some reason in my mind I kept thinking my dress shopping experience would be miserable like my house hunting experience was. The physical act of house hunting – drive, get out of car, look around, hate house, get back in car, drive to next house – was complete torture to me. I suppose the idea of hopping in and out of dress after dress must have resonated as a similar experience.  Continue reading →