About Me

Hey yall hey!

I’m Amanda, 32, from Baltimore City.

Blogging isn’t my job so sometimes it does get pushed to the side when life gets hectic. I try not to abuse my blog too much. I do love creating content so I post as often as I can.

Likes: veganism, sticky notes, pink things, glitter, planners, freebies, pizza, avocados, organizing, traveling, the beach, sun, sales, shopping, boy bands, cats, thrifting, lipstick, pajama pants, miso soup and my hubs.

Dislikes: paying full price, repeating myself, driving, blackheads, peanut butter (don’t kill me), jumpy dogs, pet hair, creepers, hotdogs and hamburgers, unorganized thoughts, salty-sweet foods, wedgies, wet socks, lightning bugs, and greasy hands.

Welcome to my world.