About Me

February 2015 Birchbox

Hey yall hey!

I’m Amanda, 20 something, from Baltimore City. I’ve recently relocated outside of the city and I’m still adjusting. It’s nice to an abundance of parking spaces available to me when I come home from work, but I do miss walking around the corner to my favorite pizza shop.

Blogging isn’t my job so sometimes it does get pushed to the side when life gets hectic. I try not to abuse my blog too much. I do love creating content though so I post as often as I can.

Likes: veganism, sticky notes, calendars, Erin Condren, pink things, glitter, planners, freebies, pizza, homemade salsa, organizing, stickers, heated blankets, the beach, sun, sales, shopping, boots, boy bands, cats, owls, squirrels, adventures, hidden treasures, organizing, lipstick, travel, leggings, miso soup and my Austin.

Dislikes: paying full price, repeating myself, driving, blackheads, peanut butter (don’t kill me), jumpy dogs, pet hair, creepers, hotdogs and hamburgers, unorganized thoughts, salty/sweet, wedgies, wet socks, lightning bugs, and greasy hands.