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What I’ve Been Wearing #68

Today let’s take look at some of my favorite “slip” style items.

The J Crew slip skirt has been an ongoing favorite of mine. I have the red (in the first photo), a golden yellow, and a steely green. I would like to get more colors, but I do have to issue the warning that the quality seems to vary depending on color. I ordered a burnt orange skirt last fall and had to return it because the fabric was much cheaper, rougher than the skirts I already owned.

As for slip dresses my favorite is from Amazon The Drop. I have it in red and orange, and would love to get it in chartreuse if/when that comes back in stock. I find a huge issue with slip dresses is they aren’t usually made for curvier women, thus leading to tugging on the tummy and butt. This slip dress has plenty of room for your curvier bits without ending up too large in the areas where you aren’t as voluptuous. The fabric is very silky soft and doesn’t seem to snag easily. They are super cute to wear alone, but I’ve been enjoying layering them as you can see in the second look.

I’m wearing a slip skirt from Loft in the last picture but I can’t recommend it unfortunately. That skirt already has a couple runs/pulls and I’ve taken very good care of it so I can only conclude it wasn’t made for longevity. I could tell the quality wasn’t up to my expectations when I first bought it, but I had to keep it because it’s the literal most perfect shade of orange.

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*You can still find Coach Jelly Tabby Bags at Dillards at regular price. The resale market is a bit insane for them right now.

*This bag is several seasons old but can be found easily on Poshmark. It hold way more than you might think and the front pocket is the perfect size for a work badge.

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