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What I’ve Been Wearing #65

If you’ve followed me with any sort of frequency, I’m sure its abundantly obvious that I love a floral print. The J Crew Skirt from the first look is a piece I’ve owned for 10 years! That feels wild to type. This was a seriously smart purchase since I’ve consistently loved this skirt for so long. I’ve even had it repaired when the hem was unraveling. It’s not often we find a piece that lives with us through multiple moves, size changes, changes in who we are as people – and that is why I have a massive appreciation for this particular piece.

The second dress is from a Target collaboration collection with Kika Vargas from last year. I love the abstract approach to florals on this dress. I sometimes find myself seeing a coral reef instead of florals. The design is really a feast for the eyes.

The third dress in today’s post is my newest Zimmermann dress that I purchases on our trip to New York in January. Zimmermann is my favorite designer right now and this dress is a perfect example of why. The delicate florals and the cascading layers work so magically on my body.

I know that sometimes the pieces I share in my outfit posts are older, but many are easy to find on Poshmark like the blue J Crew bucket bag, the Target x Kika Vargas dress, and the Brandon Blackwood bag.

*Find phone case here and the phone ring here.