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What I Loved In June

I’m a bit shocked that it’s already July. It feels like the year just started. Looking back at June I’m reminded of just how much time we were able to spend with friends and family. We started the month off attending the Trans Pride Parade and Block Party. It was much smaller than the regular Baltimore Pride celebration but it was none-the-less a great gathering.

The following weekend was my friend Vanessa’s Bridal Shower. It was a lovely afternoon and a great chance to catch up with some women I don’t get to see often enough.

It was also Honfest weekend! I wore the same exact dress that I wore last year. I’m thinking of turning it into a yearly tradition. We spent Sunday walking in and out of the shops, checking out the street vendors, and partaking in a bit shopping.

At the end of June we spent a weekend in OCMD visiting Austin’s mom and grandma. We tried out a new-to-us restaurant and had a nice date night playing mini-golf. I won!

My brother and sister-in-law came down to OC that weekend as well. We spent a fun beach day with them and went out for drinks later that night. Thankfully the forecasted rain never made an appearance.

We closed out the month with one more Pride activity. We were in OC the weekend of Baltimore Pride, but luckily we didn’t miss the Orioles Pride Night baseball game. The O’s lost pretty badly, but it was a fun night with friends. This year’s Pride hat was pretty sweet too.

Just a couple days into July one of my favorite neighborhood cafes, Common Ground, shut down. It was seemingly out of no where, so I was really grateful that I got to eat there a few times in June. I’m going to miss the vegetable and hummus bagel sandwich. Some of the employees are hoping to revive it as a co-op. Fingers crossed they can make it happen.

As far as products go there is one item that has been saving my life this entire Summer and its the First Aid Beauty Anti Chafe Stick. How did I ever live my life without this? It’s the best anti-chafing product I’ve ever use because it actually works. It’s been so nice to forgo my slip shorts when it’s 90º+ outside. I’ve bought multiple backup and a few travel sized sticks as well so I never have to be without this product.