What I’ve Been Wearing #55

In today’s post we’re taking a look at some of my statement dresses (aka my favorite kind of dress). These dresses in particular feature a bold floral, a wallpaper style print, and a bright in-your-face plaid.

*Find phone case here and the phone ring here.

Farm Rio really kills the game with bold, beautiful, eye catching prints and this dress is no exception. I think this was technically from the Fall range, but I think it works as a great transition piece for both Fall and Spring. The dress is lines and has long sleeves so it can provide enough warmth for a sunny day that has a cooler breeze. Here, I’ve paired the dress with Vans to keep the look very casual and my thrifted straw handbag to compliment the warm colors in the print.

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This Rhode dress is a compliment magnet and I think it’s because this is a style of print we don’t see very often. The intricacy feels more like something you’d see in an opulently decorated home. The back of the dress is open down to the waist with a lace up detail – perfect for getting a bit of air flow for a hot day, or as I wore it, for a super packed tattoo convention. Just like the outfit above, I styled this one with my Vans. I love the juxtaposition of a sportier shoe with a fancier dress, but sneakers are also more practical for my lifestyle. The belt was an amazing budget find from Target and the purse is from my new favorite bag brand, Kate Gabrielle. The clear bag featured here isn’t on offer right now, but there’s a ton of other colors to pick from. I’ve pre-ordered the orange!

*Find this exact bag in different colors here.

This J Crew Factory Dress always throws me for a loop on how to style it, so time and time again I pull it out of my closet just to put it right back. I think this time around I really hit the sweet spot. I find that the navy blue head to toe is too strong for me so layering another color garment on top, like my light pink vintage blazer, helps to keep my face bright. The pink in the dress is serving more of a background role so pairing it with the pink blazer and pink bag helps make pink leap to the forefront. I think this is a great tip that we could all use for pieces in our closest that we love but don’t necessarily suit up. Layering with colors that work better on you closer to your face will make it so you’re wearing the clothes rather than the clothes wearing you.