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Best Amazon Buys of 2022

Happy 2023! In 2022 we took the time to begin settling into our new home and what I ended up buying all year really reflects that. Nearly everything I recommend below is in some way homeware – drink ware, barware, outdoor accessories, organization and storage.

I’ve been very into cocktails and mixology this year. Riedel and Nude are definitely my favorite glassware brands. I love every single item I have from both of these brands.

Along with the mixology theme, these items have made drink-making so much easier. I am awful with a tradition jigger – I spill things everywhere – so this jigger with a pour spout has saved me from a lot of heartache. The ice tray is super malleable and easy to use. You can push the cube straight out into your glass. The insulated shaker has probably been the biggest game changer. The metal shaker I was using before this one wasn’t freezing my poor fingers off.

I got this case for my computer, less because I felt I needed a protective case, and more because I like the feet that elevate the computer off the desk to help with airflow. It’s been a pretty solid case though.

I bought these 2 items for my deck in the Spring and they made sitting outside to read/drink coffee/meditate infinitely more comfortable. The holder was also very easy to install.

I’ve been wearing these non-stop since I bought them. They are cute, plain and simple.

We got Fran a new dish and a water fountains. She is obsessed with this water fountain. Loves it! And I love the food dish because it isn’t attached to the stand and easily goes into the dishwasher.

We haven’t had a plastic bag holder since living in this house, though it’s not like we ever have a ton of plastic bags. I got this small container and I fits perfectly on the side of the door to our under-sink storage for our random bags.

These were my favorite book purchases this year. Worn was one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read.

I purchases this tiered stand for my bathroom vanity to display my perfumes. I had them packed away in a drawer and decided I would rather be able to see them.


I bought this slip dress in 2 colors this year. It’s been a nice piece for layering.

The small wallet I’ve had for years was starting to fall apart so I purchased this one. I actually like this better than my old one and I appreciate the zipper pouch so I can carry cash with me too if needed. I also like the easy open clasp on the key ring as well.

I got a sample of this lotion in one of my subscriptions boxes last year and I loved it. I’ve been keeping full size bottles in my bathrooms ever since.

Our poor air frier was absolutely on its last leg of life so we got a new one. I am very impressed with how well this one works. It’s far more consistent and effective than our previous one, even when it was new.

I had this overpriced step-stool in my saved items for probably a year before I finally pulled the trigger on buying it. I needed a taller step stool for my closet and this one was the most chic option I could find. I absolute recognize that this purchase was extremely gratuitous.

I love all of my Progressive International storage containers and highly recommend them, but, by far my most used is the powdered sugar container. I use them for everything from nuts to chocolate chips. It’s the perfect size for most pantry items. I also purchases these really nice quality stickers to label all of my new containers.

I was so glad I found this lipstick holder made for larger sized products. I was having a lot of issues with my beloved Trixie Cosmetics glosses and lipsticks rolling all over my lipstick drawer. They fit in this byAlegory holder just right and perfectly match my much older byAlegory storage products.

This buy falls entirely in the “internet made me do it” category. That said I’ve actually really enjoyed the round ice in my coffee and cocktails. I also like the storage box and scoop.

I know this seems like a silly purchase, but I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s such a convince to know the state of the dishwasher with a quick glance.

I got this phone holder for Austin’s Christmas stocking, but I’ve come to really appreciate it as well. I have a thick phone ring on the back of my case and this holder manages to hold onto my phone snuggly and securely even with all the bulk.

The over the door hanging storage was the last step is making our small pantry as functional as possible. I’ve been using it to store snack, convince foods, and other items that don’t seem to have a good home within my pantry organization categories.