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What I’m Loving in October

October was a thoroughly packed month. I feel like I’ve done so much that I can’t even remember it all.

First of all this month was huge for setting the stage for future activities. We were able to get Blink182 tickets and tickets for next year’s When We Were Young Festival. I also got tickets to see Shangela and Raja next year. 2023 is already hopping.

And speaking of shows, we also got to take it back to 2004 at The Early November concert, which was amazing.

We got to see our friends so much this month. We went to a friend’s 30 birthday party, another couple of friends’ engagement party, and my brother’s Halloween Party. And I grabbed dinner/lunch with several friends I don’t see often anymore

October is also spooky month so I was feeling my full Black Parade fantasy all month.

*Find the exact scrunchie here.

*Find the exact fascinator here.

*Find phone case here and the phone ring here.

As far as TV goes my two biggest stand outs this month are Drink Masters and Drag Race UK. Drink Masters is feeding my still fairly new mixology interest. These bartenders are artists and think of combinations my mind doesn’t have the capacity to dream up. Drag Race UK season 4 is serving me all the camp and likability that I felt was really missing in season 3. It’s back to really serving great episodes every week.

I feel like a bit of a failure for not having any books to share with y’all this month but my reading really takes a nose dive once the weather turns. I love reading outdoors when the weather is pleasant and I don’t have a cozy spot to do that inside. That’s something I need to work on. That said, I did get a copy of Imbibe Magazine in my Shaker & Spoon box this month and I really enjoyed reading that. The articles were all very interesting and well written. I might actually subscribe.

And the icing on the cake of October was getting to be Sexy Gandalf for Halloween. What a badass costume!