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Vegan in Ocean City, Maryland

Let’s talk smoothies! I feel like a smoothie is such a stereotypical vegan meal to go for, but especially in the warmer weather they are super refreshing. There are certainly blenders that are small enough to travel with but if you don’t feel like dealing with that here are a couple great smoothie spots in OCMD.

If you’re on the boardwalk for a stroll through all the various souvenir shops you’ll want to check out Fruit Fiesta. Situated on the boardwalk between Talbot Street and Dorchester Street the store front leaves much to be desired, but don’t let that stop you. Fruit Fiesta has a variety of smoothie combinations already posted or you can choose your own. I believe they also offer bubble tea and protein powder add ons. Since Fruit Fiesta is on the boardwalk I cannot confirm if it’s open during the off season, but I do highly recommend walking the boardwalk in the off season for a more peaceful, laid back beach experience.

If you are looking for a smoothie fix off of the beach Pablo’s Bowls has got you covered with locations a 17th Street, 60th Street, and further north near 122nd Street. They offer smoothies and acai bowls. Not everything on the menu is vegan but they are happy to make a customize a drink for you. I usually go to the 17th Street location and can confirm there’s plenty of parking in the CVS lot next door. I’m sure the employees aren’t allowed to tell you to park there, but I’ve done it and not been towed. Pablo’s Bowls does appear to be open daily during the off season for breakfast and lunch.