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What I Loved In July


Hello and Happy beginning of August. I am running a little bit behind with my July update for no other reason than I didn’t sit down and do it. July really felt like it blew past so quickly and I’m in complete denial of August being here.

One of my favorite parts of July was getting my pink hair touched up. We went a little darker this time and it was fun to experiment with a deeper color.

We also spent another extended weekend in Ocean City visiting Austin’s mom and grandma. It’s been very rejuvenating having a weekend away in each of the past couple months. Going away and not having to do anything is so important for recharging. I’ll have a post up in a few days about the new-to-us restaurants we tried out while down there.

Another super exciting part of this month was going to my first ever professional soccer game. We drove down to DC to have dinner and go to the DC United game with friends. They took us to a delicious vegan restaurant close to their apartment called Sticky Fingers. It’s definitely worth checking out. The food was really good. DC United didn’t win the game but it was still really fun to go to.

Ok, can I have three favorites for the month? Because I also really loved getting to see Monet X Change. She did a small stand up comedy tour and by some miracle Baltimore made the list of stops. We saw her at the Baltimore Comedy Factory which was cool because we’d never been there and it was such a nice venue, however strangely located (in a Best Western, lol). Monet was hilarious and gorgeous. She really does radiate star quality.

We ended the month with a party at my brother’s house. It was so hot so we hit the pool and its was just a fun time.

Overall, July was a pretty good month. We had so many meaningful and fun social activities. I really wasn’t ready for the month to end. That said, August is going to be pretty great too. If you want to see what I’ve been getting into before I put up my month recap blog posts you can check out my weekly vlogs over on my Youtube channel, MandaPhenom.