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What I’m Loving In June

Hello and happy Pride Month! I hope y’all had a brilliant start to Summer, except of course for the rolling back of women’s rights, but I won’t bring down the mood of the post. I think it’s clear where I stand. That said this month didn’t start great for me either. Austin and I caught COVID at a drag show and it took us out for a couple weeks. We even had to miss a Chvrches concert. I’m glad that for us, COVID wasn’t traumatic and we healed up pretty quickly. Many people haven’t had such a favorable outcome so I’m grateful that we weren’t left with any lasting impact.

Being sick at the beginning of the month made June feel like it really flew by so I don’t have a ton of favorites to share, but there are a few things I have to tell y’all about.


If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’m still very much in love with my Rent the Runway subscription. It’s been so much fun having the 8 extra items a month to jazz up my wardrobe.

Ok, so this one is a bit random, but I’ve been on a full blown strawberry kick. I think my tastebuds must be changing a bit, because I’ve always found them a bit sour, but now I just cannot get enough.

We binged season 4 of Stranger Things at the beginning of the month and wow. This has been an amazing season thus far. I don’t love that they separated the season into 2 parts and are making us wait on the ending. I simply can’t take the anticipation. We also just binged The Umbrella Academy season 3 and, while it’s one of my favorite shows, I just wasn’t that into how this season came to an end. I felt like it should have given us more.

I recently bought the Trixie Cosmetics Flower Power Bronzer and I am loving it. I have the lightest trio in Darling Daisy. The application is so smooth and it looks so natural on the skin. Bronzers are always difficult for me to purchase because I am so pale, but this one is spot on what I needed.