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What I’m Loving In May

Hello and happy May. I think, fingers crossed, we might finally be fully done with the cold here in Baltimore. I’ve bought some new sun dresses and I’m so beyond ready to sip a cocktail at an outdoor table at a local bar. I’ve dyed my hair pink so I’m feeling extra gorgeous and I just want to be out in the world living!

The first thing I’m loving this month is the Tarte Sketch & Set brow duo. I’ve had this product for a long time but I’m not a makeup everyday kinda person. Since I’ve dyed my hair pink I’ve been filling in my brows a lot more and I’ve come to really love the pencil end of the product (I already loved the brow gel end for quick lazy filled brows). I used the ash blonde color and its a great match. I will note that I don’t like to use both ends together because that causes my brows to get darker than I prefer but it works out nicely since I enjoy both ends on their own. Lately I’ve been using the Chella Clear Brow Gel over the pencil.

While we’re chatting about Tarte I also wanted to mention that I’ve been using my Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation (which I think is now called Amazonian Clay Gem Powder Foundation) a bit more lately and I forgot how much I loved it. The coverage is customizable and the finish looks very natural.

I finally wore my AllBirds Tree Runners that I got for Christmas from my father-in-law. I was so scared to get them dirty lol. But they’ve been awesome for when I go on walks around the neighborhood. They also look great with everything.

I started the Rent The Runway subscription this month and its already been so much fun! I love trying new clothes without necessarily needing to buy them and it’s definitely spiced with my Instagram.

This one right here is a twofer. I found this beautiful hat at the farmer’s market that looks so similar to a Gucci one I’ve been admiring. The Gucci one has a bee pin on it so I sought out a cute little pin for mine while we were at the American Craft Council Convention. I found this precious pink pear at the Clouds & Ladders booth.

More than anything this month I am feeling so completely and truly myself. I’m re-engaging my interests, I feel fully myself in my body, and I’m really enjoying all of the activities we’ve been getting into.