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What I’m Loving In April

Hello and happy April! We are finally in a season of good weather and I’m loving having the windows open (Fran loves it too). It’s been so nice sipping my coffee out on the deck in the mornings while soaking in the sunshine. Here’s a few of the things I’ve been loving this Spring.

I’ve been on a never ending comfortable underwear search that’s been unsuccessful for quite a long time. I finally gave in an ordered the obnoxiously expensive Hanky Panky French Brief hoping I would hate it. Jokes on me because I love them. The price tag is rough, but these are wildly comfortable.

I received a trial size of the Rare Beauty Mascara in my last Sephora order and I’m officially obsessed! This gives me the lash I’ve always been looking for – separated, lengthened, and eye brightening. When I need to purchase a new mascara it will be this one.

I recently got some new Vans slips ons at the outlets in Rehoboth. The color I got are a bit more tan than what’s pictured but I can’t find the exact color scheme online. I’ve been wearing them everywhere. I missed having Vans. They’re just so classic and the color combo pairs with nearly everything I own. Here are a couple similar neutral checkered Vans: here and here. I also bought these.

I’ve been experimenting with Mezcal cocktails since getting the Mezcal themed Shaker & Spoon box. Through a bit of googling I found a cocktail called Naked & Famous, which I’ve been loving.

I got acrylic nails for the first time in about 4 years. There definitely the struggle of re-learning how to do certain things with long nails, but other than that they are so fun. I love the design I got and I feel like I look more put together when my nails are longer.

This season J Crew released dresses and tops with this stretchy cinched waist detail and I’ve bought several. These pieces are so comfortable. They are booty friendly – not tight at all. They are also dinner friendly, so you can go out to dinner and really indulged without worrying about a food baby. These are definitely a must if you’re like me with a lot of butt and gut.

Another great dress for my body shape is the Aritzia Tempest Dress, which comes in different colors and prints every season. I have three of these dresses and I love them. I personally prefer to size down for these dresses since my torso is small, but If you have a larger bust or torso stick with your usual size.

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made were for these slip shorts. I get violently bad chub rub, especially in summer, and literally nothing has worked to ease the friction for me. I bought these shorts on a whim and they’ve changed my life. I don’t wear a dress or skirt without these anymore.

What I’m not loving:

I got sucked into buying the Ondo No Show Socks from a Facebook ad. They are so expensive, but I thought if they actually stayed in place it would be worth it. Well, these socks were a major disappointment. Not only do they not stay in place at all, they slipped off my heel every single time I wore them. They also are made of the thinnest fabric that wears away causing holes after just a few uses. I never thought I would be a person with strong opinions on socks, but I can say with full confidence these are a terrible buy.