What I’m Loving In March

Hello and Happy March! I am so glad it’s finally Spring! The weather has been warm and sunny the past few days and I feel like a whole new energized human. I didn’t really have much to report on February so I skipped it. This month I have some fun stuff to share.

We signed up for Purple Carrot recently. I usually cook us dinner and I’ve been feeling very uninspired. I was looking for a meal delivery service that could give me creative new ideas for dinner and Purple Carrot has absolutely delivered. Every week thus far has been amazing. Pictured is one of my favorite meals we’ve had so far. I was obsessed with these butter beans!

Not to make this post all about food but it’s been Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week, which is always so exciting. We didn’t go too wild this time around since we are planning a big vacation in April and didn’t want to spend too much money eating out. Of course we hit up Vegan Takeover Night at our all time favorite spot Paulie Gee’s. The had all their full pre-pandemic vegan menu that night so I got my favorite pizza, the Lou Ferrigno. We also tried a spot that was new to us, Fire & Rice. The food was delicious, but I also really love the cocktails.

Speaking of cocktails, I’ve been learning a bit more about making mixed drinks with my Shaker & Spoon subscription. The recent añejo box was amazing. The service itself is super easy to use. You can skip months anytime if the featured alcohol isn’t your jam and they always make note of if any of the box products aren’t vegan. I’ve also been enjoying buying all of the proper accompanying glassware. I like the Riedel brand for most glasses, but for stemware I prefer Nude.

Always on my never ending journey to not slip and slide all over my yoga mat, I decided to give the newly launched Geometry Yoga Towels a try. It has small rubber beads on the underside to assist in keeping the towel stuck to the mat. It’s not 100% effective, but it mostly stays in place. I have to say, it’s the most effective anti-slip item I’ve tried thus far. I want to use it a bit more to make sure I’m completely sold, but I’m already considering buying a second for when my first one needs washing.


I’m currently reading Worn: A People’s History of Clothing by Sofi Thanhauser. We all know how the global clothing production cycle is problematic to say the least, but this book digs further into the history of how these deep seeded systematic issues came to be. It’s certainly not a beach read, but it’s certainly a book I am going to recommend to everyone I know. We could all benefit from knowing more about what consumerism has done to ruin the planet and the livelihood of many populations around the world.

The weather has been indecisive recently, but on days that are nice I’ve been wearing my Nova Veja Sneakers. They’re a great basic sneaker that goes with nearly everything and they’re easy to walk around in for hours on end. I actually purchases mine for a whopping $4.99 which was just to cover shipping because I cashed in $100 of Petit Vour points. They’re now on sale for $80. I think once I hit $50 of points I’m going to get the same sneakers with the cream colored “v”.