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What I’m Loving In January

Hello and Happy January. I wanted to share with y’all a few of the things I’ve been loving so far this year.

I loved the Yoga with Adriene 30 day yoga journey that I did to kick off 2021 so I thought I would do her new challenge this year. I’ve managed to keep on track and I’m feeling fantastic. Either you enjoy yoga or you don’t so I won’t push that aspect of it, but if you are someone that needs structure and guidance her videos are my absolute favorite. And the best part? The program is all on Youtube so it’s completely free. This is honestly paid subscription worthy content completely free to the public. Adriene is amazing and I’m really a huge fan of these organized 30 day courses.


Release the Beast by Bimini Bon Boulash was such a fantastic read. It usually takes me forever to get through a book but I just couldn’t put this one down. Bimini is so smart and engaging. The book feels so true to their voice and given their background in journalism you know these are their words and thoughts. That’s something I really appreciate in a “celeb” book. They intelligently weave queer, trans, and non-binary history together with their own stories of coming to be who they are today. I will be pre-ordering every single book Bimini every writes. They have a magnificent way of writing that makes you feel warmly welcomed into their world and eager to learn what they are teaching.

When I got this mug warmer in my Fall AllTrue box I wasn’t quite sure if I would get much use out of it but I loved the idea of it. Flash forward to the past 2 weeks being absolutely freezing and this mug warmer has become my new best friend. I have this one specifically because it came in the AllTrue box but there are much cheaper options on Amazon that I’m sure work just as well.


I have been obsessed with having a Ring Doorbell. It’s so useful being able to see when the mail and packages are delivered given that we live in a city with plenty of porch pirates. Utility aside, I also just enjoy being nosy and seeing what’s going on outside.

Drag Race is back! Everyone who knows me knows that I love Drag Race and I love Guy Fieri so this moment right here when Maddy walks into the workroom in her finest Guy attire had me dying.

I’ve been living for the Jouer Hydrating Lip Oil recently. Its hydrating but also provides a pretty shine to make you look a little more put together. I’ve been loving throwing a bit on before a Zoom call to make me look for a tad more refreshed.

I’ve been gelling very well with The Self Care Planner from Simple Self. Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t a planner for scheduling your baths and face masks. This is a daily planner layout, but with monthly and weekly review pages for reflection. The planner is undated so you can purchase and begin your use of it at any point. There are places for tracking typical wellness habits such as mood, sleep, and water intake, as well as, daily to dos and schedule. The beginning of the planner has several pages with prompts on how you care for yourself currently in many facets of your life and how you plan to change or better your self care. This is a 6 month planner and there are prompts at the end of the planner to review what you had laid out in the beginning of the planner and how you managed with your goals. Being at just about 2 years into this pandemic I’ve gotten to the point where I really need to add structure to my day, especially when cases flare up and we leave the house less.


After I finished Bimini’s book I started Not All Diamonds and Rosé by Dave Quinn. My FIL got me this for Christmas and it might be the best gift I got (j/k the AirPods are awesome). This book gives you a behinds the scenes look at how the Housewives series became what they are today through interviews with network executives, producers, and the housewives themselves. I’ve been reading this before bed each night and it’s nearly impossible to put it down to go to sleep. If you’re a housewives fan this is a must read.