My Goals for 2022

2022; it’s already off to a wild start. I won’t bother going into what’s happening around the world because y’all already know. On a personal level I’ve had a headache half the days of this new year thanks to my period. It’s been a lovely way to start the year…not.

I’ve also decided to do the Yoga with Adriene 30 day challenge again this year. It’s been a really nice practice to incorporate everyday, but its also made my whole body sore. I didn’t realize how much of a potato I’ve become since we moved. Moving my body has felt great and I love some of the meditative practices dispersed throughout the challenge as well.

This year I decided I am not going to place the pressure of personal goals on myself. I’m very burnt out from the last 2 years of the pandemic and I’m more than happy to just exist and enjoy life this year.

I do, however, have some goals for our new house.
1. I really want to get the entire house painted. The company that flipped this house painted the entire house, top to bottom, in flat paint. I wish I could find the person that made that decision and slap them. The walls scuff with just the slightest brush against them. Its so frustrating! A few of the rooms are going to get fun colors but most of the house we’re going to get done in the same light gray that’s already there – just not flat.
2. I’d like to have a couple bookshelves built out in my office. I have two areas with strange cut outs that aren’t very functional right now, but would be brilliant spaces for built-ins. One space is behind my desk. That would be a larger bookshelf and I’d hopefully have a few drawers at the bottom. I want to move everything from my actual stand-alone bookshelf to that built-in and make it a beautiful zoom call backdrop. The other space I want to build out is a narrow space next to the closet. I think this would be an excellent space for storing Poshmark items or shoes and bags.
3. The final home project I would like to get done in 2022 is having the pantry redone. Right now its built out with very cheap metal wire shelves. It feels very unstable and (knock on wood) like it could give out whenever with no indication that its coming. The way the shelves are supported takes up a ton of space so there are only 3 shelves right now when there’s plenty of room for at least 5 or 6 shelves. Having so much dead space in the pantry is very frustrating and I can’t organize our items the way I want to with the current set up. I feel like this could be an easy weekend project for Austin and his dad. I just need to motivate them to get to it.

Other than getting the house together, I’d like to get a lot of my Poshmark items sold so that I can shrink the physical footprint that my stock takes up in my office. Obviously, that’s largely out of my hands since I need people to actually buy my items. But, I’m definitely going to focus on sharing my items frequently and offering discounts.

And that’s it. That’s all I really want to accomplish this year. I can’t be bothered to do more. I am sufficiently happy with this small and succinct list.