Best Amazon Buys of 2021

As much as I hate supporting “the man”, I am absolutely an Amazon-aholic. Being a Prime member has especially come in handy during the pandemic since we’ve not been shopping in store as much. With the COVID numbers spiking all over the world and since I’m sure tons of you got gift cards for Christmas I thought I would share all of my favorite purchases from the past year. Perhaps you’ll find something that sparks your fancy. I’m going to share in the order in which I purchased so let’s head back to January.

Last January I did the Yoga with Adrienne 30 day challenge and quickly found my hands and feet are far too sweaty for a run of the mill mat. After some research, I decided on the Hugger Mugger mat, which is definitely better than a standard mat but I still slide around this one too. I think I’m going to slide on any mat, but this one does minimize the sliding for sure.

Our old measuring cups had a red coating on them that was starting to chip and gave Austin major anxiety. I found this really basic, standard set and I am quite fond of them. They stack needly, wash well in the dishwasher, and don’t seem to be rusting at all.

I’ve had no success with topical products to minimize my chub rub so I ordered these little shorts to wear under skirts and dresses. They may not be attractive but they absolutely get the job done.

Our hot water kettle broke in the move to our new house so I bought this one purely because its attractive. Yes, it does look great on the counter but it also boils water very fast. I purchased a cream color that doesn’t seem to still be available, but the other options are all quite nice too.

I’ve been wanting salt and pepper bowls and could never find a set I loved so I stopped searching. After we moved and I was home shopping crazed I came across this set and loved it.

Our old colander was rusting and falling apart so it didn’t end up making the move with us. This colander was 100% a “Facebook ads made me do it” purchase, but I do love it. It’s great for straining pasta and washing fruits and veggies, but I don’t particularly love it for straining cans of beans.

My work laptop is part of a multi-screen set up and I needed something to lift my laptop screen to eye level. This one is a great height and is also an attractive gold color.

I was a Wet Brush purist for a while but when I saw TIBAL post about the Tangle Teezer I decided it was time to give it a try. I’m now a convert.

My measuring spoons matched my old measuring cups and also began to have the red coating chip so I hit the web to search for some new ones. I particularly liked that these magnetized together, which has proved very helpful for keeping my utensils drawer organized.

Our old knives were complete crap. They were a discount store hodgepodge of mix-matched knives that were falling apart. Buying new knives was at the top of my list when we moved and I ended up settling on the 5 knife set from Misen, which we’ve been loving. I wanted a block to keep them in, but we didn’t have the extra counter space for a block, which lead me to looking for in-drawer storage. I found this wooden piece and it’s exactly what I wanted.

I’m not going to lie, this item is constructed cheap AF, but it does exactly what I needed. It holds all of my headbands perfectly.

After we moved I decided to retire my old yoga block as my under desk foot rest and bought an actual foot rest. I’m 5 feet tall so a foot rest is a non-negotiable item for me since I can’t reach the floor with my feet in pretty much any chair.

Our spice cabinet was getting a bit full so I wanted to find an attractive option for storing spices out in the open. I bought these and have them sitting across the top of my stove. They are adorable and practical as they are air tight. I’ve had a couple fall off of the top of the stove and none have broken so the glass is decently strong as well.

This is 100% not the most interesting purchase but several people who have visited our home have been so enamored with it. We have this sitting next to our kitchen sink to hold the dish soap bottle and hand soap. It’s great for collecting soap drips and water run off.

This is a more recent buy and I already love it. I don’t enjoy using rollerballs for fragrance application so I’ve been decanting them into this atomizer and it’s increased my enjoyment of my fragrances exponentially.

Towards the end of the year I’ve been getting into learning more about cocktails. This has been a great set for a beginner.

For my new interest in cocktails I’ve also bought some fun new glassware. These glasses are such high quality and comfortable in the hand. I’m very impressed with them. I purchased coupe glasses from another brand because I wanted ones with a very thin stem; you can find those here.

These lightweight bras are so comfortable to sleep in, especially if you’re like me and you turn into a furnace at night.

Our new house is laid out a bit unusually (check out my home tour video here). Since our living space is on the second floor we never hear when people knock on the door, which means we don’t know exactly when our packages are delivered. That, of course, can be quite problematic since “porch pirates” are abundant around here. It took a while to get Austin around to getting it set up but we finally have our Ring doorbell camera set up and its already been so handy.

These stupid little coils are the absolute best toys to keep your cat self-entertained that we’ve ever purchased.

I think it was Go Clean Co that I saw post this on Instagram and it was exactly what I didn’t realize I needed. It’s been so handy for organizing all of our random bits that don’t have a real place to call home.

Our first floor is really cold during this time of year and since Austin’s mom and grandma were staying there during the holidays we needed a space heater to help keep them warm at night. This one had 4.5 stars with over 20,000 reviews which was crazy impressive, but when it arrived I was hesitant because the unit itself is so tiny. That said, this little guy was super effective in warming their space.

This is our final item of the post and to be honest we’ve only had it for a few days, but its already made a huge difference. We got this mat to help detract the cat from clawing at the carpet near our bedroom door. Nothing else was working. We laid this down and put a little rug over it. She’s definitely tried to get at the rug but now she can’t so mission accomplished.