Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 36

Long time to post! It’s been several weeks since I’ve made an update post and it’s crazy how much has changed in the world in just those few weeks. COVID is on the rise again and is even worse than it was in late Spring. The election has finally happened and thank goodness for the results.

Austin and I haven’t changed our approach to anything we’ve been doing as far as staying home 99% of the time, not seeing people regularly, and not doing any unmasked activities in public. This weekend was the last weekend of our local farmers market for the year. We had been doing our grocery shopping early in the morning every Saturday after hitting up the farmers market but I think I may re-subscribe to Instacart for the remainder of Fall, through Winter. Just looking at how Canada’s post-Thanksgiving numbers have spikes, I think the COVID numbers in the US are going to skyrocket after this week. I for-sure am not going to want to be out and about with people in their nasty-ass germs.

As I mentioned before, it’s been weeks since I have published any blog posts. I’ve been feeling really out of sorts recently and I am going to write a separate post to talk through that. In this post I wanted to give you all some updates on what I’ve been up to in life.

Even though we wouldn’t go anywhere or do anything fun for Halloween I still got dressed up. I was Ben Hargreeves from Umbrella Academy this year. Even though I personally think I’m more of a Number 5, I love Ben’s superpower and story line.

Yesterday we did a ton of yard work which included tearing out the veggie garden. We were actually able to harvest from the garden through the end of October. I’ve never had a garden that just kept going and going and going like that before. I think the mild weather is definitely to credit for being able to extend the life of our garden this year.

As far as fitness goes, I’ve been in a yoga phase for the past couple of months. I’ve been doing lots of Yoga With Adriene videos. I really enjoy her calming demeanor. I’m still also very obsessed with Girlfriend workout sets. I recently purchased their Lou bra for the first time and its my new favorite.

Austin and I took a short getaway to Gettysburg for our 2 year wedding Anniversary. We stayed in a super cute airstream on a plot of property outside of town that backed up to the woods. It was a really cute Airbnb with a very relaxing ambiance. It was close enough to town that we could head back to eat all of our meals there, but far enough away that you weren’t in any overpopulated areas. We did a self-guided tour around the Gettysburg historical sights, which I think everyone should do once in their life. I’m not personally a huge war-buff, but I think it’s important to see these places, read the stories, and really process the huge numbers of young people that fought in these wars that have brought us to where we are today. Even though the day was gorgeous and the landscape is beautiful, there a very heavy feeling that settles in when you visit a place like this.

I’m certainly not encouraging people to travel right now, especially with COVID cases climbing again, but if you absolutely must get out of your house or you will murder your family, mid-week self-guided tours through historical sites are probably the safest outing you can take right now. Even though we were there in the height of ghost tourism season there really weren’t many people there at all, which I credit to us going mid-week.

Around the home there are a few changes. We bought this short Ikea dresser that fits perfectly in our guest room closet where Austin hangs all of his clothes. It’s honestly the perfect height for additional closet storage. I cannot recommend this enough! We’re also in the process of transitioning the guest room, which was never really used as such, into Austin’s home office.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been dealing with our dishwasher not working. We’ve have it repaired twice now, just for it to break down again a few days later. After this last incident, we decided to just buy a new dishwasher, which we did this morning. I am hoping that by some miracle we can get an installation appointment before Thanksgiving but I doubt that’s going to happen.

We are planning to have Thanksgiving at home by ourselves, which we were going to do anyway, COVID or not. We did this last year as well and it was the most relaxed Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. The year before we had cooked nearly half the food and had to transport it all to my grandmas house, which is really too small for hosting to begin with. We would spend the whole morning rushing around to get everything done and it made the holiday stressful. Staying home and having a fully vegan Thanksgiving is much more peaceful.

I know I am missing something that I wanted to share but that’s what happens when I don’t make a list. That said, I’m hoping to step back into the swing of things will my blogging again so if I’ve forgotten something I’ll just tell you next time.