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Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 29

The past couple weeks have cemented the fact that fall is here to stay! The farmers market has been packed with a variety of squash that we’ve certainly been indulging in – delicata are my favorite!

I pulled out all of my favorite fall clothes and came to the conclusion that nearly all of my clothes can be construed as fall clothes. Oh well!

We had Austin’s mom and grandma at our house this past week. They are at his brothers house dog-sitting this week, but then they will be back at our house until the end of the month. It’s nice to have company, but I’m not used to how much louder 2 extra people make the house.

Over the weekend we officially became a one car family. We drove my Volvo up to my grandparents’ house and signed it over to them. We’ve been saving to get me a new car, and in a non-Covid world, would have been buying the car around now. But since I won’t need to be driving into the office anything soon (my company is in WFH-mode until a vaccine is available) we are going to wait to buy a new car until “normal life” resumes. The Volvo probably wouldn’t have net much as a trade in so we figured we would give it to my grandpa to tinker with. It’s a major weight off of my shoulders having that old clunker out of the driveway. It’s also nice to not be paying insurance on it too, since it hadn’t been drove in nearly 6 months anyway.

By far the most important thing we’ve done recently is to vote! We dropped off our ballots at our local drop box over the weekend. It was so easy. I think all elections should be done this way. It was so nice to sit down at my computer with my ballot in hand to look into some of the smaller offices up for election so I could be sure to make the right decision. I think I’ll order a mail in ballot for every election for now on. If you haven’t looked into registering, getting your ballot, or if you want to go in person – locating your polling place, I cannot recommend enough that you do that immediately.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. RHOP has been a masterclass in reality TV programming these past few episodes.
2. I’ve starting binging Living Single. I remembered liking it when I was little and watched with my mom, but I definitely didn’t understand everything. Rewatching it as an adult, I can already tell this is going to be my top 5 all time favorite shows.
3. All the local grocery stores are out of canned pumpkin already, which is a downright travesty.
4. I’ve been working on my Halloween costume even though I won’t be going anywhere. I’m excited to share it either way.