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Today is the 1 year anniversary of the day we had to say goodbye to Kitty.

Its so weird how the best days always feel like a complete blur and the worst days stand out in complete technicolor detail. Austin was running late returning from a work site-visit in another state so my mom drove out to Westminster to be with me. She drove us to the vet. Right after we got into the vet’s office the sky opened up and pounded the roof. The kind of rain where you double check to make sure you know where your flashlight is, just in case. It felt rather appropriate.

The vet tech placed us in an exam room and then gave us time to just be with Kitty. She could only lay on the exam table, she couldn’t stand any more. I snuggled up to her and scratched her and talked to her about how wonderful it was having her in our lives. Her little eyeballs stared back at me telling me all I needed to know about how much she loved me too. Eventually the tech and vet came in and administered the drug to put her to sleep. They gave us the option to stay or leave while they did it. I wanted to stay. I wanted to make sure she was loved up until the very last second.

I grew up in a (crazy) cat family so I’ve experienced my share of pet loss, but this one felt so much worse than anything I’d been through before. Kitty was the first pet me and Austin had together and were completely responsible for together. She was a full blown member of the family. She kept me company when Austin had to travel for work and she jumped on his chest without fail every single time he laid down on the couch. She wanted nothing more than to eat and cuddle.

I know we did as much as we could for Kitty and I know she wasn’t enjoying her life anymore. I know we made the right decision.

We are very lucky to have found another cat has loving and cuddling as Kitty. I miss Kitty everyday and her quirky personality, but I’m happy we got to know her, love her, and be her family.

We waited until November to adopt a new cat and that’s when Fran came into our lives. She’s got way more spunk that Kitty, but she’s a cuddling cat too which makes me so happy.

I don’t know if there’s a point to this post. I felt it was important to acknowledge how much love she brought to our world.