Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 18

This past week was really rough. I had my period and when I’m on my period my joints get super loose. Is that normal? I have no idea, but it happens to me and it hits me hardest in my jaw. I can’t keep my jaw in any kind of comfortable position at all, which gives me headaches, and makes me want to do literally nothing at all.

That said, I made a point to continue with my daily treadmill walks – I just toned them down a bit. I guess I must have done something right because I lost another pound while on my period. As promised, I do have a post coming soon to go into more detail about my low intensity, slow & steady weight loss.

My poor little Frannie decided to take the week easy with me. On Monday I figured out she had a tape worm since I kept find small sesame seed looking debris everywhere she had been laying – these are the tapeworm segments/eggs. The best theory at this point is that a flea carrying the parasite got on her in Spring while we were letting her sit in the window (behind a screen) and she ingested that flea. The treatment was just a single dose of medicine but let me tell you, getting her to take those pills/swallow them/not spit them up was absolute torture and she was pissed at us from a few days. Moving forward the prevention is super simple. We just have to give her a monthly treatment of flea/tick medication. We hadn’t been giving it to her since she is an inside kitty but now we will just to avoid these issues in the future and so she can continue to enjoy sitting in the windows on nice days.

Our cucumbers really started to perk up this week. We have so many growing along the vine now.

I’ve even been able to harvest a few!

Our third jalapeno plant is finally starting to fruit as well. Our first two plants died when we planted them in the garden so we decided to put this one in a pot. Its been looking great! I can’t wait to roast these up with some of our tomatoes to make some salsa.

And that has pretty much been my week. We also went to the farmer’s market on Saturday which has now become our weekend routine. I have a new video up HERE if you are interested in what kinds of food we buy.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. I am so glad I only get my period 4 times a year. I don’t understand how people do this every month. Its awful.
2. I grew some damn good cucumbers.
3. We might plan a trip to a mountainous wooded area to get away from civilization some time soon and to unplug.