Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 15

Week 15 brought us the first days of Summer and the 100 day mark for our family’s self-isolation. It also brought me this adorable little pepper, which the squirrels promptly knocked off the plants and nibbled on.

On the garden front, everything we’ve planted in the veggie garden is thriving except for the jalapenos. We even bought a new plants and that one just isn’t doing well either. I guess that particular location isn’t great for jalapenos. Unfortunately, I don’t think those little plants are going to be able to make a comeback.

We really didn’t do much of anything this week. The highlight of the week for me was getting this new Pitusa pastel rainbow maxi dress in the mail. I know I literally just said like 2 posts ago that I was going to cool down on the shopping but, 1. I ordered this dress before I posted that and 2. I had been waiting for this dress to come back in stock for a while and jumped when I got the chance. This dress just feels so me and I love it!

the past few weeks we’ve been eating a lot of locally grown berries that we’ve been getting at a farm stand near us. We’ve been making the most delicious and simple to make berry crumbles! Frannie decided to lay claim to the box we brought all our berries home in. Is there literally anything cuter than a cat sitting in a box?

I wish I had something more exciting to share, but this week was all around very eventless. I’m not mad about it.

I did begin to kick up my workouts. I took a online kickboxing class which was great. I’m looking forward to continuing that class. I plan to start several more online classes in the next week.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. I am burnt out on every front. I’ve started vegging out on the couch and binging Hoarders. The upside to this is that the really bad episodes make me want to clean
2. I am so glad we’ve been able to get out to the farmer’s market and the local farm stand to purchase in-season, locally grown food.
3. I think I should take more naps.