Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 14

Week 14 of self-isolation, work from home, and COVID-19 being taken seriously (by some people). It’s kind of crazy that the rest of the world is hitting a legitimate second wave and our country hasn’t even managed to bring our first wave to an end. Honestly, nothing shocks me anymore. Please picture me shaking my head at this point.

So this week we hit up the farmers market, which I have to applaud for their dedication to safety measure. We picked up the chinese 5 color pepper plant, pictured about. I can’t want to see the peppers change colors.

We also went to visit my grandparents over the weekend. They’ve been just as diligent as we have to stay as self-isolated as possible so we felt comfortable being around them. I had an old TV I was going to send to donation, but my grandma wanted it so she could hook up a game console for my little cousins. We took them the TV and had a nice visit.

That night we rented The King of Staten Island. I mildly fangirl Pete Davidson so obviously we needed to pay the excessive $20 to watch it the weekend it premiered. The movie was way different than I was expecting it to be and I really enjoyed it.

I picked up a new regrowing-already-eaten-food project, this time with celery. This picture was from early in the week and it’s already grown much bigger than this. I’m so impressed with how easy this is.

Midweek I had the displeasure of having to go into the office to have IT fix my computer. It wasn’t syncing up to the new system we are converting and couldn’t be fixed remotely. By the look of the parking garage, I’m fairly certain on the IT team is even in the office. It was a ghost town. Walking out of the elevator onto my floor was almost eerie. The entire floor was dead silent. My desk looked exactly how I had left it on Thursday, March 12th. Seeing my calendar still open to March was bizarre. Everything about being there felt wrong. I used this as an opportunity to clean out expired snacks at my desk and bring home a few odds and ends that weren’t serving any purpose being stuck in the office. I definitely miss my big dual screens but I much prefer working from home.

This week in particular Frannie really started to look like a cat. I think my baby is all grown up.

Speaking of my babies, my plant babies are finally fruiting! These are my first tomatoes of the year. I’m so exciting for being overwhelmed with grape tomatoes. The cucumbers and squash definitely aren’t anywhere close to being ready. We have one sweet pepper growing. I think our jalapeño plant is dying and I can’t figure out why.

I tried to use this week to get back into some of the routines I was enjoying at the beginning of isolation. I had been falling out of sync with blogging, filming, and cleaning. I guess its too soon to tell for sure but I think I’m getting back in the swing of things. I feel like this was a good week. I could feel my spirits lifting.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. I got new pants and they are already too big. Idk if its the cut or if my body is really changing, but I was pleased and annoyed at the same time.
2. Since I used to be big into planning, I feel like I need to state outright that I’m so disgusted with Erin Condren’s actions. While I don’t purchase obsessively like I used to, I’m definitely not going to be buying from them any longer.
3. I hope you’re all continuing to use you’re voices and platforms to spread the word about injustice and inequality.
4. I still can’t understand how people are comfortable being out in the world. I don’t even like going to the farmers market or the doctors office. It’s mind blowing how some people have such little regard for life.