Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 13

Welcome to week 13. While Maryland has entered phase 2 of reopening (which I think is a terrible idea), Austin and I had chose to make the tiniest of baby steps –  attending the local farmers market. Our local market had several rules in place that made us feel comfortable with going, although we definitely used a ton of hand sanitizer after every transaction.

It was a huge goal of mine this year to eat as much locally grown food as we could possibly incorporate into our lifestyle. We’re very lucky to have a small weekly farmer’s market in our town for about half of the year with rules in place that all vendors must be local. On this trip we bought kale and baby swiss chard for eating. We also picked up basil, flat leaf parsley, and cucumber plants, and a beautiful organic bouquet.

I planted the basil and parsley in the herb garden on my deck to fill in the spots where other plants had died from the bizarre polar vortex back in May. Our herb garden has actually been looking amazing. I’m blown away that I’m actually keeping everything healthy and that we’ve been able to eat from the garden already. I took this picture last weekend and its already a completely inaccurate depiction of the garden. Everything has grown so much!

As far as day to day life is concerned I’ve been feeling rather unmotivated. As I’ve settled into work from home and self-isolation being the new norm my vigor for cleaning/tackling projects/pursuing hobbies has began to wane. I’ve found myself slipping back into my old habit of sitting on the couch all night after dinner starring at the TV. I suppose its possible I burnt myself out on doing so much at once. I’m hoping in the coming weeks to re-embrace these activities, but in healthier doses.

One thing I’m still going strong with is my regular exercising. As far the number on the scale goes, I’ve pretty much hit a plato. When I look at body composition, though, I’ve noticed some very pleased changes. A wrap dress that I used to have some difficulty buttoning, I was able to button with complete ease and space to spare recently. My whole goal in starting to work out was just to be able to fit back into a few key pieces in my closet that were now too tight. I’m not all the way there yet, but that small victory with my wrap dress was definitely gratifying. I haven’t been expecting to see much in the way of results any time soon since I don’t do very intensive workouts so I’m pleased with the small wins.

There really wasn’t anything monumental that happened this week in my personal life. I had a dermatologist appointment to have my moles checked (all good), but that was it.

On a more worldly scale, there’s still a ton happening. The Black Lives Matter protests continue to occur across the country and they have even began to illicit change from law makers in some areas. There is so much further to go. Beginning to dismantle the oppressive systems that drive this country is a start. We must also tackle the culture that leads to some people seeing minorities, specially black people, as lesser humans.

Call out your friends when they say racist shit. Call out your family when they say racist shit. Call out your coworkers when they say racist shit. Call out strangers in public who are being racist.

I know some people are too insecure to take a step back and examine why they do the things they do. That said we cannot let people think they can get away, unchecked, with continuing to behave in certain ways.

Trust me, I’ve grown up with racist family members, and have always had to be the person to call them out. No, its not fun being the one considered the trouble maker for starting fights over words, but WORDS MATTER. I would 100% rather be the family shit-stirrer than silent on important issues.

One of the YouTubers I watch “Shelbizleee” often says in her videos, “You can’t do all the good the world needs but the world needs all the good you can do.” I have no clue if that’s her quote or if its from someone else, but it sums up the power of this movement perfectly.

Together we can work to make sure this is the last time in history that we need to fight to have all people treated as equals and we all have our individual roles to play to make sure this movement sustains momentum.

I’ll hop off my soapbox for now since I’m typing outside and the sun has just about gone all the way down, but I encourage you all to keep the #BLM messages and information circulating even as the world attempts to “go back to normal.” Let’s never let equality become an afterthought ever again.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. I am LOVING Drag Race All Stars. These episodes are everything! I’m rooting for Shea and JuJu.
2. I’ve made stuffed crust pizza at home and I am annoyed with myself for not attempting this sooner.
3. Rosé is wonderful.
4. I can’t wait until my veggie garden start producing a harvest!