Do I Need a No-Buy?

If you keep up with my Youtube channel and have seen the approximately 1,000 hauls I’ve done recently you would agree the answer to my title question is a resounding “YES”.

Self-isolation has had me shopping up a storm.

I’m always buying clothes. Updating my wardrobe is really a hobby for me so it’s hard to stop myself, but the reality is I’m likely working from home through at least September. I don’t need all these new clothes.

I’ve also bought a lot of skin care. I’m less hard on myself for these purchases. I will eventually use all of my skincare up and being stuck at home I have more time on my hands to give skincare proper attention daily. Pacifica, Sephora, Paula’s Choice – while I will use all of my purchases, its safe to say I won’t need anything new for a while.

The other category of items I’ve been spending on, very intentionally, are items from small businesses. Do I necessarily need everything I’m buying? Nope. That said, when I see something from a small business that I want I’m just going to get it because I want to be supportive of struggling businesses during what is still an active pandemic.

During self isolation we’ve definitely been able to save a good amount of money, but we could be saving so much more if I would just stop being so damn spendy. So this is my written declaration that I will be cutting down for now. We have everything we need and more. I am thankful and appreciate of how fortunate we are in a time when so many people are struggling.