Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 7

We’ve officially finished week 7 of Coronacation and I hope you’re all holding up well. This week I just sort of existed. I didn’t have any major goals to accomplish or projects to finish, so I just lived and relaxed a bit.

To give yall an update on my lettuce, its doing exceptionally well and getting so big. I am going to be planting in my herb garden this weekend.

On the Frannie front, we bought her a new scratching pole that was much larger than her first pole. It took her a few days to work up to it, but she was finally able to climb to the top.

I decided to pull all of my face masks out of my various storage spaces so I could really see everything I had and make sure I’m using them in a diversified order. Did I really need to do this? No. Did it keep me entertained for a few minutes? Absolutely.

Around mid-week my babies arrived in the mail! I have tomatoes, herbs, squash, peppers, and cucumber. I didn’t order a ton so I’m hoping these all take to planting well and can provide us with our most used produce all summer long. There will definitely be updates in next week’s post about how the planting went.

On the TV front, we’ve been slowly working our way through Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+. Once in a while there’s a cheesy over-emphasized lesson, but for the most part its quite a good show and easy to follow for the casual Star Wars partaker.

Otherwise, I’ve just been living in leggings. I’ve purchased quite a few pairs recently so I’m going to film a review for the 3 brands I’ve bought from thus far in case anyone else was looking into purchasing new sets. The set pictured here is from Wolven Threads.

This week I really wasn’t all that interested in doing much beyond crossing off my daily to do list items. The weather was gloomy and cold so I followed mother nature’s lead to take a step back.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. I’m in desperate need of sunshine and cannot wait for the weather to warm up.
2. I love laying around in leggings sets, but I miss wearing normal clothes too. I just cannot justify dressing up everyday to sit around the house.
3. I’ve been craving salad so I’m excited this is our Hungry Harvest delivery weekend.
4. I’m really looking forward to the RHOA and Summer House video chat reunions. Bless Saint Andy for delivering us this must have content.
5. I miss the grocery store. I’m one of those oddball people that actually enjoy grocery shopping so its been weird to not get in that weekly stroll through the aisles.