Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 11

Hello Week 11! On Friday I hurt my knee doing yoga so this week was all about resting.

On Saturday I spent about an hour outside pulling weeds. When I tell you that pollen kicked my ass, I mean I literally laid around feeling like crap the rest of the day. It was insane! I did get a lot done though. Unfortunately, this is probably going to be my story again this weekend since the weeds just never end in this damn yard.

Austin and his dad, who is the only person we’ve been in physical contact with thus far, transplanted a few azalea bushed from our back yard to our front yard. They were located in a part of the yard we will be grassing over come fall and we had a few empty spots in the front yard so it worked out perfectly.

On that note, it seems like this week everything our yard flowered. These peonies were so neon pink the camera couldn’t even accurately capture the color.

Thursday was the first time I’ve drove and left the house to do anything other than picking up sushi. Driving felt so weird! I had a doctors appointment and it was just bizarre to be out seeing people. I think the office had a great set up though and seemed to be handling things really well.

I also got in a J Crew order on Thursday and I am so smitten with this cute new dress!

This week has been really hard in regards to watching was has been happening in the world. It’s becoming physically sickening to watch over and over again as black people are continually murdered with seemingly no repercussions to the perpetrator until the general public is made aware. It makes no sense. The fear I have in my heart that someone I grew up with could be next, I’m sure cannot even come close to touching the fear one must have being a black individual in this country today. On top of COVID 19 continuing to kill so many, it feels like the leadership in this country does nothing to protect the most vulnerable people in our population. I don’t think its even bold to say that our leadership just doesn’t give a fuck. I’ll leave that at that. Those who know me in person know my opinions on THE buffoon are far more explicit.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. It’s alarming how many uneducated people are in this country and likely have no idea of just how poor their education was.
2. There are way too many people that consider themselves to be “a good person” but are so far from that target, they may as well be on another planet.
3. It’s been so nice to take a break from working out. I’ve honestly loved it but I’ve also felt like I’ve been missing a critical part of my daily routine. My day has been incomplete.
4. I wish we had a landscaper that could come and tend to our yard. I don’t even know where to start to find exactly what we’re looking for or if we could even afford it. I just hate tending to the yard even though it all looks so beautiful.
5. On these beautiful weekend night I wish I was out drinking wine with my friends.

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