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My Favorite Home Organization Items

With all this time on my hands during Coronacation, I’ve been trying to get my home as organized as possible, tackling one small area at a time. I like to think my home is already pretty well organized, but there is always room for improvement. I’m sure many of you are similarly looking into organizing areas of your home (since we’re all stuck inside anyway) so I wanted to share a few of my favorite organizational items that I’m using in my home.

  • Mason jars/glass jars. I store pretty much everything in glass jars in my pantry. If you watched my recent pantry video, you’ll have seen our pantry is very small. Thus, we don’t have space for bags of things to be flopping over and taking up more space than they really need to. I live for a 32 oz mason jar. I feel like it’s the perfect style for storing a bag of beans or lentils, or pretty much anything in those Bob’s Red Mill bags.
  • Plastic bag holder. In an ideal world we would never have plastic bags in our home because I hate them. That said, not everyone in the home is as diligent about the war on plastic bags so we do end up with them from time to time. I like to collect them in this bag holder and then once it’s full I drop them off at the plastic bag recycling bin at our local grocery store.
  • Broom gripper. I’m not sure how I ever lived without these. These command broom grippers are the real MVPs. We have our broom and Swiffer hanging; and these are so strong they actually hold our Swiffer mop too, which is pretty heavy.
  • Command hooks. In conjunction with the broom gripper, I cannot live without my command hooks. I have our dust pan and brush combo and Swiffer dusters all hanging on command hooks on the side of our fridge where we also house the brooms and Swiffers. In the coat closet I hang our re-usable grocery totes, I have my apron hanging on the pantry door, and I could keep going on, but I think you guys get the idea. Command hooks are just the best.
  • Cookware dividing protectors. These protectors are awesome for keeping your non-stick pans in great shape. We don’t have the space to store them individually so these felt protectors help to stack without causing a bunch of unnecessary scratching.
  • Expanding file folder. These days we really don’t need to keep many physical, paper documents on hang. I find that this one expanding folder is more than enough space to hold all of mine and Austin’s important documents.
  • Thin velvet hangers. I had plastic hangers for so long and you really don’t realize how much room those take up in a closet until you finally convert to thin hangers. I’ve converted my entire closet over to the ones linked, and my next project is to convert Austin’s closet as well. He doesn’t really care what hangers he uses, but I just prefer all of the clothing hangers to be the same for consistency sake. I use a similar style hanger for bottoms as well.
  • Bench shoe shelf. We keep this right inside our front door and its perfect for keeping lazy, slip on and go shoes on. I like to keep our flip flop, yard work shoes, and work out shoes on here – basically anything that I don’t want to keep in our normal closets.
  • Plastic bins. I just recently bought these bins and I love them. They are a fantastic size for snacks (as pictured above). They come in a 2 pack so I used the other one to house our random beach-going items that were just floating about in our linen closet. I want to get a few more to organize the various cleaning items we have in our laundry room.