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Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 6

This past week feels like a complete blur to me and passed by so quickly so my account of week 6 might be a bit choppy.

I started regrowing lettuce and spring onions in water. I’m honestly blown away by how fast the lettuce is growing. I started growing these on Monday and the lettuce is already about 4 inches tall! I’m not sure why I never tried doing this sooner but I’m 100% doing it for now on.

Speaking of food, I took the time this week to make highlight archives on my food Instagram page, mandasvegannoms, cataloging everything I’ve been making and eating during Coronacation. Even if no one else finds it interesting, I’ve been enjoying looking back at what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been doing a good bit of online shopping, even though I know I shouldn’t. A few of my purchased came in this week like this super cute workout set from Stronger, which I’m obsessed with. They make such cute sets and you can always find an influencer with a coupon code, which is even better. I’ve been working out in some capacity everyday so I treated myself to a few new sets. I have a couple more hopefully arriving this week. I also got the cutest basket bag in the mail this week (I have a picture saved in my Shop Small highlight archive on IG) from New Origin Shop, which is actually owned by a classmate from middle school. She sells the most beautiful items; yall should check her shop out!

Not a whole lot else has been happening this week. I’m starting to get burnt out on cooking. I’m finding myself falling back into just make pasta all the time again. There’s nothing wrong with that I suppose, but it was so much fun trying out new recipes for a while. I guess I just need a break. I’ve been procrastinating making a loaf of bread nearly all week. I really miss carryout sushi on my lazy nights.

I think I’m struggling with the idea of having a rest day since it feel like in some way I’m constantly resting since I’m at home, even though my days are kept busy with mile long to do lists. It’s hard to tell myself to just sit down and stop doing things, when there are always more things to be done.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. I need to chill on shopping at least until everything I bought gets here – there will be a haul video
2. I need a damn nap
3. I am literally going to make bread when I’m done scheduling this post. No more procrastinating!
4. Celebrity Drag Race is charming and I loved it