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Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 5

Week 5 has come and gone and I can say with certainty that his week has been my most tired so far. My period came, likely to be my last period ever. I haven’t spoken about it on any of my mediums yet, but I am scheduled for a partial hysterectomy in July. As long as my surgery isn’t rescheduled this will be my last period ever. That’s a huge, completely different topic that I do plan to deep dive into later on, closer to surgery so that’s all I’ll say about it for now.

Over the weekend we have a couple beautiful days so I was able to get outside and build my new herb garden planter box. I’m so excited for our last potential frost date to pass so I can plant all my herbs. Some of the plants I ordered arrived already so I have dill, chives, and cilantro ready for the planting (if the cilantro survives because I am notorious for killing it, oops). We also did a bit of work on the yard. I picked weeds in our front beds, which then let to me having a waddle walk again from all the squatting.

We binged Locke & Key over the weekend. I really enjoyed it but it was also incredibly frustrating. The character just make so many bad decisions, it make me want to reach into the TV and shake them. Also there were so many unanswered questions and things that don’t make logistical sense. I could go on a long rant about this, but for the sake of keeping this post on topic I won’t.

In other TV news, RHOBH came back on this week and holy crap!!!, they started this season with a bang. If you are flakey about watching the housewives shows, this is definitely a season you will want to tune in for. I have a feelings its only going to get crazier.

Earlier this week I tried my hand at latte art for the first time, however rudimentary it may be. I was quite pleased with my little foam heart.

Austin has been a baking machine this week. He made cornbread muffins early in the week. He added jalapeños into a few of them for me and they were delicious. Later in the week he baked up some hoagie rolls, which ended up looking more like buns. We have to work on our shaping of the bread for next, but regardless, they were delicious.

I opened my first Winc bottle of wine, the 2018 Lost Poet Red Blend. I really like this wine. It’s a well balanced red blend. I had it with my butternut squash risotto and it paired well with that.

Other random things I got into this week: decluttering board game collection, finally putting away the Christmas tree we had in our basement and kept forgetting about, grinding up some fresh coffee beans (very therapeutic, and vacuuming a ton since there’s not much else to do.

We’re ending week 5 on a less than pleasent note. Austin’s grandma, who isn’t supposed to eat any salt, thought it would be a good idea to have McDonalds and not she’s in the hospital because she can’t breathe after ingesting a giant salt-bomb.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. We had way too many board games
2. Listen to your body and rest when you need to
3. We are very fortunate to still be in good shape financially and be able to be able to order groceries whenever we need to
4. I fully plan on us becoming expert bread-makers and never needing to purchase bread again