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Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 4

Yalllllllllll! We watched Onward last night and it was so good. It’s out on Disney+ and I highly recommend it. I might have cried just a little bit.

Unlike last weekend, I think I am going to get a big cleaning project done. That upstairs bathroom is going to get its ass kicked!

I’ve switched from using my planner to keeping running lists in a journal. I feel like the days are just running together so lists are just making more sense in my mind.

This week I want to put a spotlight on loads of self care: treadmill every morning, face masks everyday, 2 meditation sessions a day, keeping a sleep schedule, and reminding myself to SIT UP STRAIGHT!!

On Sunday we finished Future Man since the last season just came out. I was pretty disappointed with how it all ended. I don’t mind how the story unfolded, it just felt a bit rushed. I really enjoyed seasons 1 and 2.

Monday morning I felt super scatter brained but I managed to get all of my to do list items crossed off. We tried BJs delivery via Instacart for the first time. Aside from the store being sold out of a few of the products we wanted it was a pretty smooth process. I highly doubt we will have to place a large order again before this whole Coronacation is over, but if we do I’d be more than happy to use that service.

On Tuesday I placed a couple orders with Etsy sellers to get starter plants for my garden. Normally I would have went to Home Depot or Lowes, but this was a perfect chance to support small businesses and stay indoors. I order 3 different small tomato species, bell peppers, jalepenos, cucumbers, and a small squash breed. I also ordered several varieties of herbs for a new planter that I plan to keep on the deck for easy access. I ordered from here and here if you’re curious.

My Winc wine subscription box arrived mid-week. I haven’t opened any of them yet because I’m finishing a bottle of Layer Cake Cabernet Sauvignon, which is just ok. I would maybe buy it again if I couldn’t find anything else vegan in store, but I don’t love it. I’m excited to uncork these and taste them. I love that Winc has a whole vegan section on their website. It makes shopping for vegan wine so much easier. If you’re ever curious about if an alcohol is vegan you can search for it on Barnivore.

Wednesday I made the mistake of doing squats so I spent all of thursday waddling like a penguin. The treadmill never treats me this way!

For dinner Wednesday I made this Szechuan style green beans that were amazing and I wanted to share the recipe, because this is a must make.

Thursday, I decided to take a rest day. My whole body was aching from getting halfway through an EatMoveRest workout the day before. It kicked my butt, which is not in peak physical shape by any means. I’ve typically been loading up my to do lists to keep myself busy each day, but I decided to use this day to clean up any past to do items I didn’t get to. I actually really liked this and think I might implement a catch up day every week moving forward. I ended up getting Austin to finally hang up a few prints we’ve had for about a month, I got my office organized, and sorted/filed all my random paperwork.

I feel like for the most part this has been a pretty low-key week. I’ve had some really bizarre dreams, which caused me to not sleep well at the beginning of the week, but aside from that it’s been a really laid back week.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. I really miss constantly watching RuPaul content
2. Sqauts are evil
3. I still miss Paulie Gee’s but I can’t justify ordering food because we have plenty of food in our house
4. Szechuan green beans are the absolute jam