Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 3

This is the first journaling post that I’m writing in real time. As I’m typing this sentence it’s March 28th, the first day of week 3 of Coronacation. So far this morning I’ve finished season 4 of Drag Race, emptied the dish washer, and signed up for a wine subscription service, so I would say that’s a fairly productive morning.

Well, so much for writing this in live time. It’s now Friday and I’ve literally not touched my personal computer all week. I didn’t end up getting done the one main thing I wanted to do over the weekend, which was to deep clean our upstairs bathroom. Its not like I don’t gave plenty of time to get to so I’m not putting any kind of pressure on myself. Sometimes you just need to lay on the couch and take a break, something I actually haven’t been doing too much of oddly enough.

Over the weekend we powered through watching Tiger King, which I’m sure you’ve all see by this point (and if you haven’t what the literal fuck are you doing). I’ve never been so completely shook and I need more. I want a whole separate docu-series on Doc’s weird tiger sex cult.

There isn’t a ton to report about this week. I’m still powering through all of the Drag Race I can find on my various TV services. I’m walking on the treadmill every morning and feeling great about getting movement in. I’ve also actually had a good bit of actual work to do for my job. With the current world environment my workload has been up and down, but this week has been fairly consistent.

I would say the most prominent thing that stands out to me this week is the cooking I’ve done. Early in the week I made my favorite brownies. Austin doesn’t like them which means I get them all to myself. Thursday I made this cheesy casserole, which was delicious! I bulk prepped a ton of lentil dal and made a fresh batch of veggie stock too. My upcoming weekend is going to be full of leftovers! We still haven’t done any ordering out. I really miss my favorite pizza spot but its 40 minutes away, which is just too far to quickly run out and grab carryout.

I’m excited that we have our Hungry Harvest box coming this weekend. I’m so glad we are subscribed to this service so that we can get fresh foods delivered right to our house and don’t have to go out to the stores. With Austin having lupus we are being very careful to protect ourselves as much as possible.

Moving into next week I want to put more focus into reengaging meditation and reading, since I’ve not given those things much focus during the Coronacation.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. It is ok to cool down on constantly cleaning
2. You absolutely can get burn out from being at home all the time
3. There are only so many leftovers you can eat before you have to make the call to freeze the rest
4. I really miss Paulie Gee’s
5. I need to read more, still
6. I love RuPauls’s Drag Race, still, and I don’t understand why all the seasons aren’t free On Demand