Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 2

During week 2 I got cracking on breaking down my “use this shit up first” pile, which led to me meal prepping way more steel cut oats than one ever should. I never want to eat oatmeal ever again.

All of my days are blurring together so I’m just going to share my week in whatever order it comes to me.

My cousin got his test results back after nearly a week and he did test positive for COVID-19. He’s ill but seems to be getting better. Hopefully all will be well with him soon.

My little cousins have dubbed me the “arts & crafts queen” since I ordered a ton of crafts for my grandma to do with them. Apparently my taste in craft kits is on point.

I organized our hall closet and then set out on the adventure of deep cleaning our downstairs bathroom. I reorganized the bathroom cabinets and went to town scrub-a-dub-dubbing the shit out of that bathroom, metaphorically of course. We don’t have literal shit flung on the walls. The baseboards have been wiped down and the sconce has been dusted. That bathroom is looking fabulous. My other cleaning project for the week was deep cleaning the couch. I vacuumed every single inch of that sofa, the cushions, the pillows – tore that shit up!









I filmed two new videos decluttering my blush and my lipstick. I also filmed a few videos that will be releasing over the next couple weeks so if you aren’t following me on Youtube yet, you’ll want to. I stopped procrastinating just a little bit and posted a few new items to my Poshmark store. I still have more I need to post but I have to brea it into bite sized pieces because its so time consuming.

On Thursday Austin started getting really worried about having access to his lupus medication which just so happens to be hydroxychloroquine, the drug they are using for COVID-19 treatment trials. After a few calls to all of our local pharmacies his fears proved to have some merit. None of our local pharmacies had the drug in stock any more and we were told all of the supply was being diverted to hospitals. Luckily, he was able to find a pharmacy across town that had it in stock still and his rheumatologist was able to get a Rx called in for filling. It took a couple of days to get it all straightened out, but he’s feeling a little less anxious now.

Last night we were finally able to enjoy the outdoors for a little while. I poured myself a glass of wine and soaked in the sun and early spring ambiance. I know there’s a lot of bad happening in the world but I have a lot to be thankful for right now.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. I’m very fortunate to have a job that allows me to work from home throughout all of this mess
2. I enjoy posting my food on the internet way too much
3. I still have too much makeup
4. Mask, mask, and mask! This is the perfect time to focus on skincare
5. I need to read more
6. I love RuPauls’s Drag Race