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Life in the Time of COVID-19 | Week 1

I’ve seen several posts on social media about how we should be journalling our COVID-19 experiences since we are living through a historically significant world event so I’ve decided to create a weekly series here on my blog called Life in the Time of COVID-19 to share what I’m doing to keep myself busy, my feelings during this time, and my personal experiences with the virus.

I consider March 13th our first official day of Coronacation. A chunk of the company was asked to work from home to allow IT to test how the servers respond to so many people working from home. I’m doing a little bit of catch up journaling here so I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but at some point over this weekend our company leadership made the announcement that everyone was to work from home from this point forward until further notice.

Early Saturday morning I went out for our final grocery stock up. I wasn’t there for toilet paper and thank goodness for that because as you can see from the picture above that clearly wasn’t going to happen. The only things that were obviously sold out were toilet paper, paper towels, and bananas. I was there for things the rest of my neighbors apparently didn’t want since there was stock aplenty: JustEgg and raw cashews. I definitely picked up some vegan ice cream bars too. The store was definitely crowded but didn’t feel chaotic. We weren’t at the point where officials were insisting we stay 6 feet away from others but I did take a disinfectant wipe with me for any surfaces I needed to touch. Austin has lupus so I wanted to be very careful while out and about.

The weather over the weekend was really nice so we did a bit of yard work, mostly collecting leaves from last fall to take to the dump. Austin’s dad came over and helped us out with this. At this point society wasn’t really abiding by the stay far away from everyone rule. While they were on their dump run I put out our two new outdoor rugs and cleaned off the deck. I wish the weather would perk up so I could actually sit out here and soak in the sun.

Later that day I spent some time sharing all of my favorite small businesses on my Instagram stories. I saved all of those stories in an archive you can find on my IG page. I really encourage yall to check those small businesses out if you get the itch to shop. I also got to work on a map framing project I had put off over a year ago when we thought we were going to be moving. Getting around to this honestly felt amazing. I was something I had so much passion for when I started it, and then I just let it sit on the back burner for so long.

On Sunday we assembled out new bed frame. It is everything I was hoping it would be and was super easy to assemble. Highly recommend.

On Monday I decided I was going to take advantage of this time being stuck indoors to hit the treadmill most mornings and get my sweat on. At some point in the week I had a new necklace holder arrive in the mail so I organized my necklaces. I had decluttered a few from my collection over the weekend and posted them to my Poshmark page.

The organization bug hit me hard mid-week. I decluttered and organized our pantry. I also pulled out an assortment of things we’ve had for a while that I want to get used up. I went through all of our grocery totes to pull out the old ones with holes. And then I went to the basement and went through our closet that housed our cat supplies and yard work gear. Wow we have a lot of junk and empty boxes. I blew like a tornado through our coat closet and TV stand as well.

One of the more shocking parts of the week was being told my cousin was very ill and had been tested for COVID-19. I wasn’t very happy to hear that his local hospital wasn’t prepared at all and treated him very poorly.

My thoughts in summary on this week:
1. I am fantastic staying at home all day. In fact, I love it, I thrive!
2. I did a good job picking my husband and I don’t mind at all being stuck with him 24/7.
3. Fran loves us being home and we don’t play with her enough
4. Governor Hogan is doing a fantastic job managing this situation
5. We were overdue for a thorough full home decluttering.
6. Time is seriously starting the blur together. I can’t even remember when I did what anymore.