Where Did “AmandaPhenomenon” Come From?

I’m not sure if I’ve ever addressed where my “brand” name came from. I’ve been using some derivation of AmandaPhenomenon across all of my social media presences since high school. Back in the days of Myspace I changed my profile name pretty regularly and I stuck to a specific naming formula. My first name was always Amanda, which feels fairly obvious. My last name would cycle through a list of various words I deemed edgy, badass, or scene. I used words like Catastrophe, Hurricane, Epidemic, and then one day I choose Phenomenon. For some reason Phenomenon just stuck and I never changed my profile name again.

Pictured above is what I’m certain was my profile picture at some point. Myspace might have died off (I deleted mine after an argument with an ex-boyfriend) but I held tight to the AmandaPhenomenon name for no reason other than it became my comfort zone. I do sometimes question if this is who I still am. Over the years I’ve contemplated changing up my “branding” and there’s no promise that I won’t one day. I have a pretty sweet idea in my back pocket. I just don’t know how to change up who I’ve been for nearly 15 years or that I even need to. I supposed those are questions for time to answer.