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Book Chats: Manifest Your Best Self by Namaste Jenay

I recently purchased The Vegan Bundle during its second wave on sale, which if you haven’t heard of it, was a bundle of about 90 ebooks written by vegan influencers on sale for just $50. I had missed it the first time around but talked myself into purchasing it when it went on sale for a second time. While wellness is the overarching theme of most of the ebooks, some are about meditation, eating disorder recovery, raising vegan children, or just straight up recipes. There’s honestly something for everyone.

The first book I decided to crack into was Manifest Your Best Self by Namaste Jenay. Jenay is someone I hadn’t heard of before, but being interesting in the topic of manifestation I decided to give her book a go.

I feel like this would the right time to tell yall I actually have my Bachelors in Writing. While I tend to keep the content on my blog super casual, I’m a total nerd for red-lining everyone’s writing to death.

That said, I have to point out how this book from start to finish is in major need of polishing. There are dozens of editing mistakes that could be easily remedied with having a few friends review the material. I’m not sure what Jenay’s writing process was, but if she ever happens upon my blog, please know I would be happy to send you my notes. Were this a printed and published piece of work I would be annoyed with the mistakes, but you really can’t have those expectations, and thus frustrations, over self-published material. The girl is hustling and you’ve got to respect that.

As for the content of this ebook: is it groundbreaking – no, is it interesting and presenting in a relatable way – yes. The book covers many topics along the lines of what I would consider spiritual wellness like meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises, and habits. None of the topics are delved into that deeply and I think that actually works with Jenay’s chosen writing style. The tone is almost conversational, as though you were talking to a friend that is knowledgable on these topics and you trust in their knowledge base. I actually feel like I learned more about meditation from this ebook then I did from a book written by well regarded meditation expert. I enjoy that the book features a blend of the practical information about each practice and the steps you need to implement to reap the benefits of said practices.

Manifest Your Best Self normally retails for $39 on Jenay’s website, whereas I ended up paying under $1 for it as a part of the bundle. While I enjoyed this book as a quick read and, like said earlier, I respect the hustle, nearly $40 feels like an inappropriate ask for the length and quality of the ebook. I wouldn’t pay $40 for a physical book written by a well regarded professional in the field (nor would it likely ever be priced that high) so I definitely wouldn’t pay $40 for an influencer’s diversified revenue side project. I don’t mean to devalue her work, rather I want to point out that self-awareness is important in the creation process.

I can’t recommend buying this ebook outright. What I can say is that if The Vegan Bundle ever goes on sale again and you should so choose to purchase it, this is an interesting quick read. You may want to read it first, let it sink in, and then come back to read it again.

Did any of you purchase The Vegan Bundle? I would love to know what ebook you read first.