I’ve been 30 for 10 days now and this magical change that everyone says happens when you get to your 30s…well I don’t know if its happening. To be honest, the confidence in who I am, comfort in my own skin, control over my finances, lack of care for the dumb shit that doesn’t matter – all of that really happened for me at 29. I guess I was a year ahead of the curve.

During the month leading up to my birthday though, I could feel a different change building. I’m suddenly feeling for more in control of my time and more accountable to myself. Once I chose my word of the year, attention, I found myself making a conscious effort to ask myself why am I doing this and do I really want to be doing this.

Currently, I’m experimenting with time-blocking my weekday evenings in an attempt to accomplish more while still getting to bed on time. I’m abundantly guilty of eating dinner in front of the TV and staying planted in front of the TV all night. I’m hoping that giving myself a detailed schedule will help me make the most effective use of my time. That said, I still want to be kind to myself and give myself the flexibility to move things around if needed as well.

I’m feeling like the major theme for my 30th year is going to be “getting shit done” and I absolutely love that.

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