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My New Coffee Station

For months I’ve been looking for the perfect little cabinet to serve as my coffee station. After I hung up the mug rack it hit me that a coffee station underneath it would be adorable and freeing up counter space seemed like a no-brainer. I’ve been searching second hand shops, antique stores, big box furniture websites, high end expensive furniture companies and I couldn’t find the perfect piece.

Then, a few weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook and this adorable cabinet popped up on my feed and can you believe its from Target?! This is the Warwick 2 Door Wood & Rattan Accent Cabinet which is part of Target’s Threshold line and it sells for just under $220 if you use you’re Target Red card (which I always do). At that price I can imagine you may be skeptical of the quality, I certainly was, but then I scrolled down and read the reviews. The reviews are phenomenal – way better than any other cabinet I had looked at in this price range. So, of course, I bought it!

The shipping was very fast and it arrived ahead of the date I was given. I was able to put the entire thing together by myself in less than an hour. The directions were straight forward and the parts were organized in the order in which they are needed for assembly. It couldn’t have been easier. The piece itself is super solid and sturdy. I have no worries about the lifetime of this piece. It will survive moves and bumps and being put through consistent use.

I don’t want to sound like a crazy person that’s stanning hard over a cabinet, but this is a seriously impressive, affordable piece of furniture and I want to share this with yall in case anyone out there is looking for something similar. I’m super pleased with how my sweet little coffee station turned out. It’s not full on froo-froo like some on Pinterest, but its exactly what I wanted.