Goals for 2020

I’ve been stewing over what my goals for 2020 should be for several days now. In years past the thoughts have just come to me, but this year I’ve had trouble forming tangible aspirations (aside from the one thing I’m already on track to achieve). I want to have goals that are specific and measurable because how else would I be able to analyze the progress being made towards my goals. But, big but, I don’t know how to measure some of the things I want to accomplish other than from the completely unreliable unit that is self-satisfaction. While I know lofty, fluff goals are by many expert opinions going to set me up for failure that’s just what I have to work with this year. So, without further ramblings, here are my goals for 2020.

  • Buy a new car! The picture above is me posing with my 2001 Volvo. As appreciative and impressed as I am that this thing is still holding on, its finally time for me to start thinking about moving on. I’ve already looked into cars and I’m pretty sure I want a lightly used Honda CRV, so now Austin and I are in the process of saving up for it. The Volvo (knock on wood) is still holding up so we aren’t technically in a rush, thus we’ve decided to save up the full cost of the car instead of taking on a monthly debt payment. My conservative estimates have us ready to buy around November, but if this goes anything like paying down the student loan did, we should be ready to buy much sooner than that.
  • Stop overeating. This is a big issue for me. When something tastes awesome, I just want to keep tasting it. It doesn’t matter that I feel like I’m going to explode. My overeating is something I’ve tried to work on in the past. I’d go a few weeks being very conscious of stopping when full and then loose focus after some other life matter drew away my focus. If this year is all about working on me, then this is one of my most pressing things to tackle. I’m tired of feeling useless after dinner. I’m not quite sure how to measure success towards this goal. I’ve thought about maybe having some kind of symbol I can use in my planner to mark days when I over-indulge, but I’m still working out some kinks.
  • Keep the house in better shape. When the house is cluttered my mind feels cluttered. I just feel better walking into a tidy home and not having to straighten up before I can relax. This is one of those lofty, fluff goals because while I can make and follow a cleaning schedule the true measurement of the success for this goal is my mental comfort.
  • Sell off all the junk in the attic. Having things around the house that aren’t serving a purpose drives me bonkers. I already know I won’t be using certain things in our attic ever again so I want to drag those out and sell them on Facebook Marketplace. I always feel a little bit lighter when I declutter and making some money in the process ain’t so bad either. Obviously, the best measure of this would be for the amount of junk to decrease
  • Get moving. I don’t care if I lose weight but I definitely need to move more. I’m nowhere near as flexible as I used to be. I’m strong but I get exhausted by things I don’t think should exhaust me. Once again, this is a fluff goal, measurable via my personal comfort.

That’s all I’ve got. I think I may not be in the best mindset to be making goals right now. I don’t want to say I’m not motivated, rather I think I’m just searching for new direction right now. Honestly, that’s life. January 1st is just another day and a goal doesn’t need to be established at the start of the new year in order to be valid. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to what I want right in this moment.

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