Welcome to the Family!

Hey yall hey! Long time, no blog post! I will definitely address that in another post, but today I wanted to share with you guys that we have a new family member!

Meet Fran!

We adopted Fran a few weekends ago from Last Chance Animal Rescue, which partners with our local Petsmart. She’s about 4 and half months old at best estimate and absolutely has full blown kitten energy. She’s obsessed with chasing strings, but loves a good cuddle session once she’s worn herself out. As if she wasn’t cute enough, she even likes to have her belly rubbed! She has the tiniest little squeak of a meow and loves to use it against us when we’re in the kitchen making dinner instead of paying attention to her. I don’t think we could have found a more perfect kitty to match our vibe and lifestyle.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t I mentioned it on here and now that I’m thinking about it I don’t know if I mentioned this in a video either, but several months back we had to have Kitty put down. Kitty was originally Austin’s mom’s cat but she lived with us nearly the entire time we’ve lived in our house. She really became a part of our core family unit and was the loveliest companion. Unfortunately, in Spring her health started to take a turn for the worst. She was having digestive issues and was always constipated. She also didn’t like to take her medications. On the rare occasion we were able to actually get her to take her pills she would make herself vomit them up. It got to the point where she couldn’t eat or drink, which really broke our hearts. When we could see in her eyes that her curiosity and joy had been replaced with pain, we knew it was time.

Almost too appropriately, the day we took her to the vet for the last time a thunder storm rolled in while we were in the room saying out goodbyes. Loosing Kitty was really hard on us so we decided to take a few months to ourselves to recover emotionally before venturing into adding a new critter to the family.

The weekend that we adopted Fran, I had talked Austin into putting the cat carrier in the car – just incase. If we had time after running errands we could check out the cats at Petsmart (our local Petsmart partners with 2 different shelters to help find homes for kitties). We headed into Petsmart with an open mind. If we found a kitty or kitties that felt right we would adopt them and if not we could come back next weekend to meet with different kitties. Austin was set on finding two kitties so they would have a friend. We met with several of the cats and some in different pair combinations. There were these adorable babies that were a bonded pair but they were so young that they would have to be taught to use the litter box, which I wasn’t quite down for.

We met Fran with another kitty. While they got along swimmingly, the other cat was very high energy and we decided we weren’t going to be able to give that cat the amount of attention he would need. After meeting with a super sweet older cat (literally the softest cat ever) we decided to meet with Fran again individually. Everything just clicked. She didn’t mind being picked up, didn’t claw or scratch at us, but did like playing with toys. She had just the right balance of playful and cuddly.

As I’m typing this she’s passed out, full body stretched out across the love seat. It’s so cute! You could most certainly say I’m kitten smitten. It’s so nice to have company again when Austin’s out of town for work. If you want more cute Fran in your life I have a whole story archive on my Instagram you should check out.

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