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Book Chats: 3 Books in June!

I finished 3 books in June! 3! I know for some people that might sounds like diddly-squat, but for me that is significant work.

The first book I finished I had actually been working on for a while. Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life in theory was right up my interests alley – the brain, habits, organization – all the stuff I enjoy learning about. But there was something about this book that really didn’t work for me and thus I ended up slowly dragging through it. I felt like while the premise was organizing your mind, ultimately everything came back to some sort of physical organization task. Of course, it’s full of helpful tips for getting one’s life organized but many of them I feel like I’ve read about in some capacity before. Perhaps this is coming over totally negative. It wasn’t a terrible book, rather I was disappointed in it as it wasn’t was I was expecting it to be.

The next book I finished in June was Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Our Without Me (And Other Concerns). I know I’m 8 years behind on this one (which is what happens when you tend to buy books second hand), but this book was hilarious. She’s obviously a funny woman, but I don’t tend to gravitate towards her shows so getting to know he a bit better through the stories of her life was quite a treat. Overall, it’s a lighthearted, quick read – perfect for the beach, laying poolside, or chillaxing with a glass of wine.

The last book I finished in June was a written out version of The Vagina Monologues, which also included a section detailing the success of the play and charitable work that’s developed as a result of the play’s success. I’ve never actually seen the play, which is meant to be quite impactful. Even so, just reading what is essentially the script was quite moving. As a woman you can find yourself in the stories in some way even if they don’t directly correlate to your own experiences. Like the previous book, this was also quite a quick read and something I recommend everyone check out.

June’s readings officially put me at 5 books for the year. Seeing as how I didn’t get around to typing up this post until July, that means I’m about 2 books behind schedule of my goal to read 12 books this year. I think I can pull it together to hit 12 by December 31st. What really matters, though, is that I feel like I’m keeping my brain active and engaged which is quite satisfying.