Book Chats: Fearless at Work

The second book I finished this year is Fearless at Work by Molly Fletcher. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have sought this book out on my own, but I helped put together a women’s conference at work where Molly was our speaker and this was the book we gifted to our attendees. I had a bit of trouble getting into the book at first as it felt like it would offer the same believe-in-yourself advice that any motivational book would. Once you really get into the meat of it you find that the advice/lessons are decent, but its the stories that Molly has to share that are the real draw. She’s had a really long and interesting career as a sports agent, which gave her a plethora of tales to tell. Her stories are attached to the various lessons on fearlessness, which she frames as “trades” of your discouraging behaviors for more empowering ones. Overall, I’m not made I took the time to read the book, but I don’t feel I was the core audience. I think the book was targeted more towards career women with families, neither of those being my thing whatsoever. I would, though, recommend this book to anyone climbing their way up the corporate ladder.