My Favorite Thrifted Clothing

Anyone who knows me knows that few things give me as much joy as being complimented on a clothing piece I’ve thrifted. A huge smile flashes across my face as I proclaim, “Thanks, I got it at Goodwill/Savers/a yardsale!”

Today I wanted to share with yall some of my favorite thrifted clothing. For sake of ease I pulled some of my daily outfit shots from my Instagram story archives.

My pale pink blazer might be my all time favorite thrift find ever. I picked this cutie up in a Goodwill in Glen Burnie, MD on a trip that seemed like it was going to be a complete bust. The arms are a bit long but I actually love the way it looks with the sleeves rolled. I actually have another, more recently thrifted blazer that fits me like a glove that I wanted to share with yall but I can’t find a good picture of it. I may update this post at some point once I get a super cute outfit shot with it.

This super cozy sweater wasn’t exactly a thrift find by the true definition. I found it in a bag of clothes my mom’s work friend gave her to give to me to sell in a yardsale I had a couple of years ago. I don’t know why but I had the strongest urge to put it on and keep it. It the perfect casual saturday comfy sweater.

I found this super cute, sheer, tight, sexy sweater at my local Goodwill. It honestly looked like it was brand spanking new, just missing the tags to prove it. It’s so sassy!

This is one of two sweaters (the white one) that are very special to me. The other is pictured below. I’ve had them for 9 years!

I bought both of these at a thrift store called SPIT in Leuven, Belgium where I lived my junior year of college. I’m not sure what exactly SPIT was an acronym for in Dutch, but that store had some badass finds.

I picked up this short sleeve sweater at my local Goodwill. It’s definitely a bit of an old lady sweater but I love all the colors in the floral design. It integrates into my wardrobe perfectly. After the last three pictures I think its safe to say I have a thing for short sleeve sweaters.

This picture is hella awkward, but I couldn’t not include this shirt, also from my local Goodwill, because I get a compliment every single time I wear it without fail. Its flowy and has a cute tie detail in the back adding an extra pinch of femininity.

The last shirt I’m sharing is this super interesting asymmetrical green striped tank top. The way the stripes are positioned hugs my boobs in the most fabulous way.

This is the only dress I’ve thrifted and its positively perfect! Jk, this fabric is not breathable at all. I’m going to stash this away as more of a fall/winter dress for that reason. Regardless, it gives me Rose from Golden Girl vibes and honestly that’s my ideal aesthetic.

And speaking of my old lady aesthetic, the next three skirts were definitely all cleared out of a grandma’s closet before they made their way to Goodwill. This one in particular is the epitome of autumnal vintage chic.

This skirt is covered in paisley and roses, old lady staples. I was a bit unsure about this one until I actually styled it, but once I found the right shirt I was in love!

The final piece I have to share with yall in this post is this beautiful skirt. Another grandma motif with florals and butterflies, this skirt has the punchiest most pigmented colors of probably any clothing item I own. The vibrancy drew me to this skirt on the rack at Goodwill and I knew I just had to have it.

I hope yall enjoyed this walk through of my thrifted pieces. Searching through racks and racks of clothing to find the most magical hidden treasure is one of my favorite hobbies and when you’re lucky enough to leave with something special it’s so much more gratifying than shopping at the mall.