So, I’m 29 now (since thursday). And to be honest, its doesn’t feel all too different than being 28. I suppose its not the passing of the date of birth that makes you a different person, but rather the growth over the course of the year it took to get to that date that really spurs change. I may not feel like some new improved version of Amanda, but I have certainly come to a few realizations over the past year (some more profound than others) and I would love to share those with yall.

  1. I am ok with my rolly-polly pudgy bits. Is it the most healthy? Maybe not. Is it something to beat myself up about. Hell naw. Worrying about my lady lumps will only drain my very limited well of fucks to give.
  2. If someone doesn’t like me, chances are they are far too insignificant a person in my life for me to even care. I would say they could kiss my ass, but they aren’t worthy of the donk.
  3. I can say no. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. Just no. I don’t need to be around toxic people, I don’t have to go out if I’m tired, and I don’t have to be concerned about the feelings of others when I feel something I strong no.
  4. Whenever I have aspirations to workout I end up with a super clean house. Sometimes procrastination can be used be be productive.
  5. I have the crazy-cat-lady gene. It is what it is. Austin helps keep me in check.
  6. I also love spreadsheets. Yup. They aren’t sexy but they are so damn useful.
  7. I can be in control of my money. This may not sound like much but I can say with confidence that prior to the past year I had very little financial literacy. I was spending aimlessly and getting nowhere with my debt. I finally feel confident in the decisions I’m making with my money for the first time in my life.
  8. I really love making lists. In case, you’ve never read anything else I’ve written on this blog, now you know. I make tons of list. It’s my jam, but I never realized how much of a list maker I was until very recently when I had a list of lists I needed to make.

While there were certainly no shocking epiphanies to hit me over the past year, I’m not going to take lightly how different my life is from just a year ago. I’m in a better place mentally, financially, socially, and motivationally (is that a word). I think 29 is going to be a wonderful year of my life.

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