Happy New Year! 2019 Goals

Happy New Year yall!

Somehow 2018 managed to be the longest year ever while simultaneously flying by in a complete whirlwind. I was going to do a whole 2018 highlights post, but I wasn’t even sure how to summarize the year. Our wedding was the only thing that truly stood out to me, which is fine because it was obviously the most important thing to happen in my life this year.

For 2019 I only have a handful of very specific, measurable goals that will require concentration but are definitely achievable. I have the same general aspirations I always have: film more, blog more, workout, travel; but I wanted the goals I write out to actually be something I can quantify and cross off my list. So here’s my list!

  • Pay off my credit card. I think this should only take me a few more months and once I’m done I’m locking those things away and literally only busting them out if its a life or death situation.
  • Pay off 80% of my student loan. If life circumstances were completely perfect I think I could get the entire thing paid off this year, but seeing as how life never goes according to plan I’m giving myself a bit of wiggle room.
  • Read 12 books. This was on my list for last year and I didn’t quite make it to the full 12, but I absolutely think I can. This is totally doable.
  • Lose 10 pounds. I probably need to lose more but I’m aiming low because I hate working out and my biggest issue is 100% being active. For me this is less about health or aesthetics and more about comfort. I’m only 5 feet tall so an extra pound here and there doesn’t have much space to distribute on me.
  • Buy a bed frame and a dresser. I think I’ve finally found what I was looking for and I just need to save up and buy them! I’ve only been searching for both of these furniture items forever.

And that’s it. A very small succinct list of achievable goals that I can actually track the progress of. Of course, I am going to aim to film and post more but I can’t commit to a number for those right now. Since these are things I can measure and definitely complete I think its best to start with goals I can quickly get the satisfaction of crossing off my list. For me these goals are about working on my will power and regaining a mental discipline I’ve been lacking the past few years. I think I need some sort of proof for myself that I can actually achieve what I’m putting my mind to.

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